Pandya Store 7th April 2021 Written Update: Dev and Rishita ties the knot

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 7th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara saying to Prafula that only shiva can mend the broken relationships and Raavi attempted suicide once and she doesn’t want it happen again. Prafula says that she doesn’t agree to this alliance. Dhara says to Raavi she will become Pandya family’s daughter-in-law if she marries Shiva. Jagat begs Raavi to accept Shiva’s alliance. Raavi gets in a dilemma. Jagat faints. They all get worried.

Dev refuses to marry Rishita. Rishita says that she left her family for him. He’s her everything and she will fight for him till her last breath. Janardhan is shown coming on the way. Doctor checks Jagat and says that he got a panic attack. Raavi cries. Jagat asks Raavi if she will marry Shiva. Dhara also pleads with Raavi to agree. Raavi accepts to marry Shiva.

Gautam calls Dev and Shiva to the mandap. Rishita and Raavi come. Pyaar hai ya saza plays in the BG. Raavi sadly recalls her moments with Dev. Rishita goes to Dev while Raavi goes to Shiva. Rishita is excited for her marriage and thanks God. Dev thinks that he hurt his family and broke their trust. He apologizes saying he got defeated in front of his love. Raavi thinks that her only dream since childhood, has been becoming Pandya family’s daughter-in-law, but this marriage isn’t less than any punishment for her. Suman prays for Shiva who is sacrificing his life for family’s sake. She glares at Dhara and thinks that she will never forgive her.

Krish says that he never thought Shiva and Raavi will get together. One girl tells to Suman’s caretaker that Shiva and Raavi’s marriage will not last more than a week. The caretaker says that Shiva is good at heart and Raavi is a pure soul. They both can sacrifice for their family. Shiva agreed for Dhara’s sake while Raavi accepted for Jagats sake. God have united them for their seven lives.

The wedding ceremony commences. Shiva and Raavi exchange garlands. Dev and Rishita also exchange garlands. Raavi cries. Prafula says to Jagat that Raavi can never be happy with Shiva. Jagat asks her not to say anything bad. Shiva thinks what he’s doing. He has to do for Dhara and Gautam’s sake. Gautam asks Shiva to forward his hand. Shiva recalls his arguments with Raavi.

Suman prays to God to bless Shiva and Raavi and fill their life with happiness. Krish says that they can’t be happy together as one is fire and another is water. Suman is confident they will be happy together. The priest asks to do the gathbandan. Dhara does Rishita and Dev’s gathbandan and Anita does Raavi and Shiva’s gathbandan. Dhara apologizes in heart to Raavi. The priest asks the couple to stand up for the seven vows. Dhara makes Raavi to stand up and Gautan helps Shiva. The priest asks the groom to hold the bride’s hand. Raavi feels bad seeing Dev holding Rishita’s hand. Shiva tries to hold Raavi’s hand, but she push it away. The priest insists them to hold hands. Raavi holds Shiva’s hand crying. Both the couple take the seven vows. Pyaar hai ya saza plays in the BG.

The episode ends.

Precap : Janardhan reaches the venue and asks Rishita to come with him. Rishita looks shocked.

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