Pandya Store 7th March 2023 Written Update: Krish makes a promise to Rishita

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 7th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chutki refuses to have food so Dhara tells she will make soup for her. Chiku follows Dhara and asks her to talk to him immediately because it’s important. Dhara says after she takes care of Natasha she will talk to him until then ask him to play. Chiku gets sad then leaves. Dhara brings soup for Chutki. Shweta tells she will feed her on her own. Chutki refuses to have soup also.

Rishita tries to persuade Chukti by showing her the toys they brought for her. Chutki throws the toys away and calls Rishita a horrible aunty. Shesh complains to his cousins that if it’s him then Rishita wouldn’t have spared him. Chiku, Shesh and Mithu leaves the place. Gautam takes Chutki to her room. Shweta tells that they don’t have to show concern for Natasha because she is here then leaves. Suman holds a crying Rishita’s hand.

The kids expresses their unhappy feeling for the way the elders aren’t giving them the same love and care they are showing on Natash. Fruit seller arrives and shows Krish the fruits. The kids saw this. They asks Krish fruits but Krish says after Natasha have it he will give it to them then leaves. Shesh says just like Natasha they are also the part of the family so they have rights. He gets determined to get the fruits right away. Chiku advices him not to but fails to stop Shesh. Mithu tells Shesh is going to land in trouble for sure.

Here the family members gets sad. Suman asks God why God is testing them like this. She also encourages her kids to not to lose hope and they have to save Chutki at any cost. Dhara explains the kidney transplant successful rate and gets worried. Meanwhile Shesh goes to Chutki’s room and have fruits. Rishita cries hard. Krish makes a promise to Rishita that he go to any extend to save their Chutki. Rishita hugs him and cries. Krish and other family members also gets emotional. Gautam also promises Rishita to save Chutki. Rishita hugs him and thanks him. Dhara goes to hug Rishita but the latter distances herself then leaves the place. Everyone gets sad.

Suman hugs Dhara. Krish notices Prerna so decides to go to her but Shweta arrives there and asks him to go with her to room as she wants to talk to him. Krish refuses and insults her for not caring for Chukti who is sick now. Shweta tells him and the family members that she will take care of Chukti so asks them to stay away from her and Chutki. She then demands Krish to follow her. Krish obliges. Prerna sees they are coming upstairs so goes to hide. Dhara, Gautam and Suman looks on worried.

Rishita sees Shesh is having fruits from Natasha’s room so scolds him saying she will buy him fruits later. Shesh argues with her then calls her a horrible person then leaves. Rishita gets shocked. Shesh comes outside sadly and goes and sit far away from Chiku and Mithu. Here Shweta questions Krish where he was last night. Krish lies he slept in their room only then left when he heard the kid’s sound. Shweta gets angry and asks Krish to not to play any games with her. Krish taunts her then leaves. Rishita makes a promise to Chutki one day the latter will learn the love she has for her then leaves.

Krish assures that Shweta didn’t see Prerna which makes the family members relieved. Chiku advices Shesh and Mithu that they have to behave as a good kids to impress their parents then they will love them like how they loves Chutki. Shweta informs the family members about possibility of getting donor for Chutki is slim to none which shocks everyone. Dhara announces the family members will do the test whether their kidney will match or not to Chutki and gets determined to save her at any cost. Chutki wakes up and looks here and there.

Precap: Suman enjoys the holi celebration. Dhara tells after seven years they are celebrating Holi. Rishita informs Dhara her plan to tell Chutki that she is her real mother. Dhara says to Rishita she is also going to tell Chiku that Shweta is his real mother.

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