Pandya Store 8th April 2021 Written Update: Janardhan creates trouble to Gautam and his brothers

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Pandya Store 8th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiva and Raavi taking the seven vows. The priest asks the bride to walk in front of the groom. Raavi is about to fall, but Shiva holds her. Dev makes Rishita wear the mangalsutra. The priest asks for another mangalsutra. Gautam says that he had got one more and hands it to Shiva, who makes Raavi wear it. Next the priest asks the groom to fill the bride’s forehead with the vermilion. Shiva is about to apply the vermilion, but Raavi pushes his hand away which makes the vermilion fall all over face. The priest announces that they have become husband and wife and asks them to take elders blessings.

Shiva and Raavi go to Suman. The latter gets emotional and blesses Shiva saying that everyone says that Shiva is selfish, but he fulfilled a son’s duty today. She then blesses Raavi that her life should be filled with happiness. She says to Shiva that he should keep Raavi happy.

Janardhan arrives there with his men and shouts stop the drama. He asks Rishita to come with him. Gautam gets furious but Dhara reminds him that Janardhan has become their relative now. Gautam tells Janardhan that Rishita got married and became their family’s daughter-in-law. He asks Janardhan to bless the couple. Janardhan yells that he doesn’t accept this marriage. Janardhan tries to take Rishita forcibly from there.

.However Dev stops him saying Rishita is his wife and pushes him. The four bothers come and stand together in front of Janardhan. Dev says that Rishita is an adult and their marriage is legal. He asks him to leave. Gautam says that they have become relatives now so there should be respect between them. He adds that he’s ready to forget everything and if he doesn’t agree with him, he can leave. Janardhan says that he will take his daughter from here at any cost. The police will help him too as they abducted his daughter.

Krish reminds Janardhan that Rishita is an adult and the marriage is legal. Janardhan says he will break the law to take his daughter back and orders his men to attack the brothers. However Rishita stops him. She says that she has dropped her age proof and a letter in the police station. She stated in the letter that she’s marrying Dev with her consent and Janardhan is a threat for her and her husband’s family.

Rishita further says that his one wrong step can ruin his reputation and bua’s political career. She adds that she’s legally Dev’s wife and this family’s daughter and asks Janardhan to accept this fact. Rishita says that she had full faith in her love that’s why she dropped the letter before coming here. Janardhan warns them that he will not spare them and leaves from there.

Rishita cries saying that her dad left without blessing her and asks what’s her mistake. Dev consoles her. Gautam says no one will cry now, they will happily welcome the both daughters-in-law. He asks Dev and Rishita to take Suman’s blessings. Suman says she’s not feeling well and asks to take her mom. Rishita reminds Suman that she hasn’t blessed them yet. Suman blesses Rishita and Dev. Dev apologizes to Dhara and hug her. Rishita glares Dhara. Dev bends to take Dhara’s blessings and drags Rishita too. Dhara blesses the couple. Dhara goes to Shiva and Raavi. She cries and hugs Shiva.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rishita tears apart the groom and bride’s name card to separate Raavi’s name from Dev’s name and throws away. Gautam reminds Rishita that they both are his family’s daughters-in-law and they have to stay under the same roof.

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