Pandya Store 8th July 2022 Written Update: Suman has an emotional breakdown seeing Shiva alive


Pandya Store 8th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara confessing that Shiva is alive. Suman can’t believe this. Raavi confirms Dhara’s words. Suman gets emotional realizing that Shiva has come to the function in woman’s disguise. She gets angry at Dhara for hiding the truth from a mother. She asks where Shiva is. Just then Shiva comes and says that he is here. Dev and Gautam get emotional seeing Shiva alive and share a hug.

Suman gets delighted and cries out of happiness. She hugs Shiva. The latter says that it was hard for him to stay away from all. Gautam says that Raavi also knows the truth and it means that Janta was right, she saw Raavi with Shiva. He further says that the three daughters in law fooled them. Suman asks Dhara why she didn’t tell them the truth.

Rishita says that Gautam would have called if he had gotten to know that Shiva is alive. Suman scolds them for faking Shiva’s death and lying to the family. She asks them to leave the house for playing with their emotions. Shiva tries to defend them, but Suman shuts his mouth. Gautam says to Shiva to face the truth. He asks Dev to call police and asks them to come.

Dhara stops Dev and requests Gautam to listen to her once. Dhara says that they don’t want to deceive government and were trying to find midway a solution to sort it out. She says that she wanted to sell the house so that they can return the money and bring Shiva back home. Suman asks why they didn’t tell her the reason to her and says that she wouldn’t have refused to sell the house for Shiva.

Dhara says that but Gautam would have reacted in the same way. Dhara says that he doesn’t need to take Shiva to the police if they arrange 10 lakhs. Gautam gives Dhara 24 hours to handle the situation, if she fails, he will himself take Shiva to the police station and he won’t mind if they all will go to the jail.

Dhara says that it’s not possible to sell the house in 24 hours. Shiva refuses to sell the house and says that they will sell their land. Dhara reminds him that someone else captured the land. Shiva says them to think and find a way to get it back. Dhara says that before that it’s important to shut Prafulla’s mouth. Dhara sends Prafulla a message.

Police is searching for Shiva in Prafulla’s house. Prafulla gets surprised when Dhara and Raavi come there. They ask Prafulla to check her message. Prafulla gets shocked seeing her and Shiva’s photo. Prafulla sees Shiva’s shirt and takes it before police can see it and hides it under her saree. She acts as mad and says to the inspector that Shiva is there.

Police scolds Prafulla for mocking police. They leave. Dhara threatens Prafulla to send her and Shiva’s photo to the police if she tries to expose Shiva again. They leave. Prafulla receives Kamini’s call. The latter asks if Shiva is really alive. Prafulla says yes and vows to prove it at any cost.

Pandyas are discussing and trying to find an idea to get their land back from Jeevanlal. Rishita suggests them all scarring Jeevanlal disguising as ghosts. Prafulla eavesdrops this. She thinks of informing Kamini and bring police to catch the pandyas redhanded. Prafulla drops her phone mistakenly. Pandyas hears the sound and looks towards the door.

The episode ends.

Precap: Pandyas leave in the tempo to execute their plan. Kamini phones Prafulla and scolds her for not receiving her call. Prafulla says Kamini to reach the location while she will bring police there. She says that the whole family will go to jail. Pandyas are in ghost disguise.

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