Pandya Store 8th June 2022 Written Update: Pandyas gets a hope to save their store


Pandya Store 8th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rishita blaming herself for their store’s condition. Dev says that they should forget the past and think about the future. He suggests transforming Shiva’s tempo as mobile grocery shop. Rishita likes the idea. Other side Prafulla prays to God to send Raavi back her.

Dhara and Gautam get worried that they don’t have enough ration at home. They say that they have brought Rishita back home and they need to take good care of her. Dev and Rishita discuss about the store. Rishita says to Dev to talk about mobile grocery shop to the family.

Dhara expresses her worry about Raavi considering herself as unlucky to Gautam. She then says about feeling the kick of Rishita’s baby and he/she changed the house’s atmosphere. Gautam hopes that they will find a solution for their shop too. Dhara assures him that he will. A file falls down. Dhara checks that file and gets happy. She shows it to Gautam.

A FB shows. Gautam and Dhara standing on the land and saying that this can be used in their emergency. Dhara says that they can solve their problem by selling this land that Gautam’s father gave them in return of looking after their mansion. Dhara gets overjoyed and hugs Gautam. Gautam says that Dhara is this house’s savior and hugs her saying I love you.

Raavi says to Shiva that she got to know the pain of losing her parents and doesn’t want to go through that again. Shiva says that he also knew that pain as he lost his dad too. He says that he got her after losing her many times and doesn’t want it to feel again. He says that everything is possible including clearing her misconception that she’s unlucky when they’re together. He refuses to let her go away. Raavi worries recalling Baba’s words.

Gautam and Dhara show the property papers to Suman and family. Suman says that she completely forgot it. Dhara says that God wanted that this help them in emergency. Rishita requests to leave one acre of land for her form house plan. Gautam agrees, but Dev says to not listen to her they need money for their store’s innovation. Gautam says that they have to listen to Rishita for the unborn child and says that they will sell four acres land keeping one acre for Rishita’s form house plan.

Krish and Rishita suggest having AC at home. Dhara says that they can think about it later. Dev suggests getting a car too. Gautam agrees, but says that they have to build three floors of the store before. Gautam says that he will go next day to learn the value of the land. Dev wants to accompany Gautam and he agrees. Suman wishes that her children’s all wishes get fulfilled.

Suman is glad that there is happiness in the house after a long time. Rishita agrees and says that Raavi is calling herself unlucky for no reason. She seeks Suman’s permission to celebrate their happiness. Suman agrees. Raavi realises that the next day is Shiva’s birthday and notifes the same to Suman and Rishita. Rishita says that they will have double celebration and double work for Raavi. The latter agrees to work double. Suman worries from where they will get money for the party as the land isn’t yet sell.

Gautam and Dev meet Mansoor and shows him their land papers. Mansoor says that this is Jeevan Lal’s land shocking Dev and Gautam. They say that this land is on themselves. He says that even Jeevan Lal claims the same and suggests solving this matter among themselves first.

Gautam and Dev reach rhe land and get shocked on seeing Jeevan Lal’s name board on their land. They destroy that board. A goon question them what they’re doing and threatens them. Gautam and Dev say that this is their land and pushes that goon down. Two goons arrive there. Gautam and Dev look on.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rishita learns that someone occupied the land and tells the family the same. Shiva gets furious and vows to get back their land.

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