Pandya Store 8th March 2023 Written Update: Krish stops Shiva from entering the Pandya Nivas

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with Shweta informs the Pandya’s the doctor told it’s difficult to find a donor. Dhara taunts her for always giving importance to the money and asks if she can able to buy a donor? Shweta remains silent. Rishita says she wants to talk to the doctor but Shweta refuses to give her phone. Suman says she is willing to give her kidney. Dhara says the entire family will do the test and become one of the donor of Chukti. Shweta tells the Pandya’s that she don’t need their help. She will do everything to save Chutki. If she can’t then she won’t let no one from the Pandya’s help her. Chutki arrives there and asks Shweta why can’t the latter save her.

Shweta promises to save her then takes Chutki inside with her. Here, Shiva wonders where Raavi is as he feels hungry. Krish tells the family members after he discusses the protocols with the doctor they can do the test. Dhara tells Suman her plan to disclose both Chiku and Chutki about their biological mother. Suman worries about the kids reaction. Gautam supports Dhara’s decision. Dhara says she can’t see Rishita in pain anymore. Rishita thanks her but taunts her top which Dhara points out at her.

Shiva gets annoyed not seeing Raavi who promises to bring food for him. He then decides to go to home. Here Natasha asks Shweta why can’t she save her. Shweta tells Natasha that she will do everything in her power to save her and asks her not to worry then puts her to sleep. She then thinks herself that she can’t able to donate her kidney to Natasha but she won’t let the Pandya’s do too and she will go to any extend to stop them. Later Shiva enters the house which Krish sees it. Krish also sees Shweta is there also. He gets tensed. He rushes to stop Shiva from entering the house. Shiva complains to Krish that Raavi didn’t brought food for him.

Krish lies that Raavi left now only with food also she must have went to buy curd so asks Shiva to find Raavi who must be in the shop. Shiva gets convinced then leaves the place. Here Chiku buys things and shows it to his cousins. All three of them decides to clean and decorate the house also cook for their parent’s. They decorates the house then pours so much soap water in the living area to clean then goes to prepare food.

Dhara expresses her worry about a chance that Chiku may never call her Maa after learning the truth. Gautam assures her together they can handle the situation. Krish and Prerna also hears it and gets sad. The next day Rishita wakes up and finds Shesh isn’t there. She goes to search for him but falls due to soap water in the living room. Dhara goes to her rescue but she herself falls down. They both laugh. Gautam makes fun of them then he also falls down which leads Dhara and Rishita to make fun of him. Dev and Krish also falls to the ground. They all laugh. Meanwhile the kids tries to prepare food for the Pandya’s. They repeatedly adds more water and flour. Shesh decides to tell their parents they does this all then leaves the kitchen.

Chiku and Mithu follows him. Gautam Dhara Dev Rishita and Krish together stands up. They all then realises their joining hands and removes it from one another. Gautam notices the decoration and wonders who done this. Shesh arrives there and proudly states it’s him and his cousins. The kids asks them hopefully whether they are forgiven or not. Gautam Dhara and Rishita controls their laughter. Shweta wakes up and hears the commotion outside. She decides to go outside and trouble the Pandya’s. Dhara says that the kids looks happy so after celebrating Holi they can tell the truth about Chiku and Chutki’s biological mother’s as she don’t want to ruin their happiness. Rishita looks on shocked.

Precap: The Holi celebration begins. Rishita tells Dhara she is going to tell Chutki that she is her biological mother. Dhara says to Rishita she will tell Chiku that Shweta is his biological mother.