Pandya Store 9th July 2022 Written Update: Pandyas take the disguise of ghosts to scare Jeevanlal


Pandya Store 9th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rishita explaining the ghost plan to the family, Prafulla eavesdrops this. She decides to inform Kamini and reach with police there before Pandyas. She drops her phone mistakenly which alerts Pandyas. Prafulla runs away. Raavi and Dhara see her. They catch Prafulla and bring her to Suman. Prafulla threatens to expose their plan if they don’t leave her. Suman says to tie up Prafulla in her room.

In the night Pandyas take the necessary things for their ghost drama and leave in the tempo to execute their plan. Other hand Jeevanlal is drinking alcohol with his men. They discuss about celebrating in Goa after registering the land papers of Pandyas. Shiva who is disguised as ghost eavesdrops this and notifies to Suman about the same. He gets scared seeing Gautam. Just then Raavi comes followed by Dhara. Shiva and Gautam get scared on seeing their ghost guise. They all get ready to sacre Jeevanlal.

A Man of Jeevanlal’s sees Gautam and Suman in ghost guise and gets scared. Jeevanlal reassures him saying that ghost doesn’t exist. They continue to party. Another man gets sacred on seeing Suman and Gautam and tells to Jeevanlal. They all go to check. Gautam and Suman sacre a man. Jeevanlal and his men get shocked when they read a warning message to return the land to the Pandyas land written in blood. A man says that Shiva has returned as ghost. Just then the mirror breaks. Jeevanlal’s men get frightened and run from there leaving Jeevanlal alone.

Other hand Kamini calls Prafulla. The latter tries to free herself. After lots of efforts, she gets successful. Here Jeevanlal gets a pot to create smoke. Dhara comes in front of him and tries to scare him. She asks Jeevanlal to return the land to Pandyas. Jeevanlal takes the smoke pot and says some lines. Shiva turns on the fan. The smoke goes into Jeevanlal eyes and he is unable to see. Dhara asks again Jeevanlal to return the land to the Pandyas.

Here Prafulla recrives Kamini’s call. The latter asks why she’s not receiving her call. Prafulla says to Kamini to take her car and leave immediately as she knows where Pandyas have gone. She says that the whole Pandya family will go to the jail today. Kamini agrees to come. Prafulla thinks that Rishita must be sleeping in her room and decides to escape before anyone can see her. Prafulla sneaks out of the house.

Shiva comes in front of Jeevanlal. He says that Jeevanlal took advantage of his death and defamed him, now he will take his revenge by killing him. Jeevanlal says to Shiva to go away. Shiva says that he will leave taking him along if he doesn’t return the land to his family. Jeevanlal gets scared and runs from there. He decides to call police. He drops his phone. He hears anklets sound. Dhara, Raaviand Shiva surround Jeevanlal and ask to return the land.

The episode ends.

Precap: Raavi says to Jeevanlal to not try to escape else the video they will give show the police his confession video they have recorded on the phone. Prafulla, Kamini and Janardan arrive there. Prafulla asks Janardan to call police. He obliges. Pandyas look on shocked.

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