Pandya Store 9th March 2023 Written Update: Gautam praises also apologises to Dhara

Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On
Pandya Store Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with Dhara laughs and the kids wonders why the elders are laughing which means they forgave them. Chiku and Mithu says that they will be obedient and asks not to spend them anywhere. Dhara says the kids are happy. Shweta arrives there and falls which makes everyone to laugh at her. She scolds the kids and Krish. Suman taunts Shweta. Mithu says they tried to do good work. Dhara praises them. Chiku says he have seen Dhara doing all this so they have done this and asks not to throw them out of the house. Rishita and Dhara says they are forgiven and hugs the kids.

Shweta scolds them. Dhara suggests Shweta to clean the mess the kids created as she is having problem with all this. Others also asks her to do all this saying she wanted to be their daughter in law right. Shweta gets shocked. She excuses then leaves the place. Chiku asks Dhara why can’t they throw Shweta out. Suman says they are trying to do that only.

Dhara asks the kids to go play outside. She then tells the family members after so long they all are happy and talks about Holi celebration. Rishita scolds her for talking about Holi celebration while Chutku isn’t well. Gautam supports Dhara and tells if one of their kidney matches then they will definitely donate it to Chutki. Krish also tells the same which makes Rishita emotional.

Dhara says for the kids happiness they should celebrate Holi and forwards her hand. Everyone waits for Rishita to put her hand on Dhara’s. Rishita does it which makes everyone happy and they all joins their hand with Dhara and smiles. Chiku notices it and shows it to his cousins. The kids thinks the elders are playing some game so they decides to play also. They asks the elders permission and gets happy when the elders approves and leaves with Krish to buy things to celebrate Holi. Rishita expresses her worry that Shweta will stop them donating their kidney to Chutki.

Dhara says Shweta need not to know this. Both Dev and Rishita says it’s impossible to hide it from Shweta. Dhara talks about a mother’s love for their child and how no one can defeat or stop a mother from doing what they want for her child. Rishita hugs Dhara which makes everyone happy. Dhara and Rishita then hugs Suman. Later Dhara brings clothes for the kid’s. Rishita says it’s not needed because she already bought dress for both Shesh and Chutki. Dhara reminds her about their family tradition. Shesh and Chiku talks about Chutki getting special treatment from the elders. Chutki arrives there and takes both Dhara and Rishita’s choice of dresses. Both Rishita and Dhara gets hopeful but Chutki throws it away calling it as a third class dress also Shweta will buy her new clothes for sure then leaves. Both Dhara and Rishita gets sad.

Dhara gets ready for Holi. She gets happy that they are celebrating Holi after a long time. Gautam arrives there hiding something in his hand. Dhara thinks it’s alcohol so advices Gautam to not to drink for one day. Gautam shows her the colour powder in his hands and praises Dhara for gets succeed uniting the family members. He also apologises to her then asks her permission to apply colour on her face. Dhara gets emotional and says she waited for the last seven years for this day only. They both applied colour on each other. Shweta searches for Krish and says herself that her instinct says Krish is with Prerna. She then asks Shesh about Krish’s whereabouts. Shesh tells her that Krish is celebrating Holi with the new aunt. Shweta gets shocked meanwhile Krish chases Prerna to apply colour on her with a smile on his face.

Precap: Dhara asks Rishita to not to worry because she is sure one of their kidney will match Chutki’s. She also tells they are Chutki’s family members. Chutki overhears it and then leaves. Rishita worries that Chukti might have heard their conversation and learnt the truth so she went without informing anyone. Dhara and Shweta looks on shocked.