Pandya store Upcoming Story: Dhara to unknowingly put herself in danger


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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya store gearing up for more drama with Shiva confronting Raavi.

In the current story Shiva sees Raavi in the kitchen and thinks he’s hallucinating. He realises that Raavi is really there when he touches her. To everyone’s surprise Shiva walks out silently. Shiva wonders Raavi has returned home and if she changed her mind regarding divorce. Gautam calls Shiva and Raavi and advises them to sort out their differences. He warns them saying that if they can’t speaking nicely to each other, they shouldn’t either insult each other. He won’t spare them if they create any problem or spoil family’s happiness. Gautam also says to Dhara to not bother about Raavi since she said that she’s angry with Raavi. Raavi is part of this family so she can get what she wants by herself.

In the late night Dhara wishes to eat something sour. Gautam goes to the kitchen to get something sour. Suman arrives there since she also feels angry. She eats some dry fruits and gives few to Gautam asking to give to Dhara. Raavi comes to her. Shiva confronts and questions why she has returned. Raavi clarifies that she hasn’t come for their relationship which has a very short lifetime and shows the court notice. Shiva says that he’s tired of fighting with her. Raavi says that she has come to look after Dhara, who is pregnant and asks him to adjust. Shiva agrees and tells her to sleep. Raavi refuses to share the room since she hasn’t returned as he’s wife, but Dhara’s sister.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Raavi will ask Dhara to rest, but Dhara will start to make tea by herself and will ask Raavi to stay away from her. By mistake Dhara will put the burning match stick on her saree and the saree will catch fire. She will not aware of it.

Will Raavi safe Dhara? Will this vanish Dhara’s anger for Raavi?

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