Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Pandyas to prepare for Chutki’s naming ceremony


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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama with Janardan and Kamini taunting Suman.
In the current story it’s seen that Dev expressing his worry about Rishita wanting to have the complete responsibility of their baby.

Dev says that Dhara and Gautam didn’t have their own kids to raise the Pandya brothers, but he doesn’t even give his child’s responsibility to Dhara. He feels guilty. Suman understands Dev’s point and pacifies him.

Suman says that she also understand Rishita’s anxiety and explains him Rishta’s point of view. She assures Dev that family together including Dhara will raise his baby, but Rishita will have the rights to take the final decision.

Later Rishita’s parents and Kamini visit Pandyas. Kamini and Janardan complain to Suman that they didn’t even inform them about Rishita’s child. Kamini taunts that Pandyas mourn a stranger’s child instead of celebrating their heir’s arrival.

Seths gifts a gold chain with a diamond stone to the baby. Kamini asks where Suman gift is. Dev gets angry and expresses his displeasure for Seths showing off their money. Shweta’s mother phones Dhara.

She tells that Chiku isn’t well and asks the details of his medicine. Dhara gets worried and asks her to bring Chiku home. Kalyani says to Rishita that it seems Dhara isn’t happy with Rishita’s baby’s arrival.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Shweta’s mother will arrive at Pandyas’ house with Chiku who isn’t well. Suman will order Dhara to go back. Dev and Krish will hold their hands and will stand in front of Dhara.

Dev will ask Shweta’s mom to leave taking Chiku. Rishita will say that this is Chutki’s day and it should be hers. She will say that Dhara shouldn’t spoil it. The priest will ask to bring the other child. Rishita will declare that this naming ceremony won’t happen which will shock all.

What will Dhara do? Will Dhara disobey Suman?

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