Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Pandyas’ghost drama to get their land back


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Star Plus popular show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama with Dhara
confessing to Suman that Shiva is alive.

In the current story it’s seen that Dhara tells Suman that Shiva is alive. Suman realizes that Shiva attended the function dressed up as a woman. She gets mad at Dhara for hiding the truth. She asks where Shiva is. Just then Shiva shows up. Suman gets delighted on seeing Shiva alive.

Gautam, Dev and Shiva share an emotional hug. Suman cries out of happiness and hugs Shiva. Suman reprimands Dhara, Raavi and Rishita for hiding the truth from her and asks them to leave the house.

Gautam asks Dev to call police and comes home to take Shiva shocking all. Dhara stops Dev and says that they needn’t to do this if they will arrange 10 lakh and tells that she wanted to sell the house for the same. Gautam gives Dhara 24 hours to solve this problem.

Dhara says that they won’t be able to sell the house in such a short time. Shiva refuses to sell the house and asks to find a way to get their land back. Before that Dhara wanted to stop Prafulla.

Dhara and Raavi blackmailed Prafulla with the photo of Shiva and Prafulla they clicked. Later Rishita suggests scarring jeevan in ghost disguise. Prafulla eavesdrops this.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Pandyas will leave in the tempo to execute their plan of scaring Jeevanlal. Kamini will call Prafulla and will ask why she’s not receiving her call.

Prafulla will say that she knows where Pandyas have gone. She will instruct Kamini to go there while she will come taking police with her. She will say that whole Pandya family will go to the jail. Pandyas will be disguised as ghost and will approach.

What will happen next? Will Pandyas get successful in their plan?

Will Prafulla expose Pandyas and will get them arrested.

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