Pandya store Upcoming Story: Prafulla and Anita to confess the truth


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Star plus’ popular show Pandya store is gearing up for high voltage drama with Suman stopping Raavi-Shiva wedding and Raavi drinking poison.

In the current story it’s seen that Shiva says to Dhara that he knows the truth. Raavi has told him everything in her intoxicated state. Yet he took part in their plan to hear the truth from Dhara. Shiva thanks Dhara for keeping the truth lesson she have thought him since his childhood and telling the truth. Dhara asks Shiva if he wants to marry Raavi. Shiva agrees to marry Raavi which surprises the family. They get elated and want to start the wedding rituals. But Shiva says that he has a condition.

He wants to marry Raavi when she is in her full sense. Shiva takes Raavi apart and they both confess their feelings for each other. After Raavi gaining her sense, Raavi and Shiva get ready to exchange garlands. But Suman interrupts their wedding. Suman demands Shiva to choose anyone between her and Raavi. Shiva gets in dilemma. A devastated Raavi drinks poison. Prafulla and Anita confesse the truth and apologize to Raavi. Suman gets shocked on hearing this and slaps Anita.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Pandya family will happily celebrate holi. On knowing about Rishita’s pregnancy Janardan and his family will come to take part in her happiness. Janardan will say to Suman that he can be bad in front of their eyes, but they can’t deny the fact that he is the grandfather of the unborn child. Dhara will insult Janardan. She will say that the baby is just an excuse, Janardan has only given trouble to their family.

What will happen next? How Rishita will react to it? Will this incident separate the Pandya family?

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