Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Prerna’s plan to unite the Pandyas to go awry?


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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama with Prerna attempting to unite the Pandyas. 

In the current story, it’s shown that Dhara hears Prerna instructing the kids to disguise themselves as a tiger. Dhara encourages Prerna in her attempt to unite Pandya family. She helps her in cooking Gujarati dishes.

Later, Prerna tells to the family that she’s cooking for them. Krish is surprised to hear this as he never saw Prerna cooking in Canada. Prerna says that Dhara helped her. Krish reminds Prerna that they have come only to see Suman and not to cook food.

However, Prerna wants to cook as Krish’s family is also her family. Rishita and Raavi say that they eat in their respective rooms. Prerna asks them to gather in a room to watch the video she made on Canadian culture. As Raavi refuses, Prerna decides to play the video in Raavi’s room.

Later, the Pandyas gather in Raavi’s room. Prerna gets the snacks. Rishita understands Prerna’s trick and blames Dhara. Meanwhile, the kids get ready to execute Prerna’s instructions. Shesh locks the room door with Prerna inside. The kids get scared and hide when the real tiger enters the house. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Pandyas will be shocked to see the tiger inside the house. Raavi will worry about Mithu while Rishita will worry about Shesh.

Suman will say to Dhara and Prerna to save her grandsons somehow else she will never forgive them. Shesh will come out of the hiding. He will walk towards the room. Suddenly, Pandyas will be shocked to hear Shesh’s scream. 

What will happen next?  Will Dhara and Chiku be able to unite the Pandyas again?

Will Prerna help Dhara with this? 

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