Pandya store Upcoming Story: Raavi to attempt to commit suicide


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Star plus’ popular show Pandya store is gearing up for high voltage drama with Dhara feeling guilty and revealing the truth to Shiva.

In the current story it’s seen that Shiva brings Krish, who as dressed up as bride, to the mandap. Pandyas get worried on seeing Shiva in his sense and wondered why the laughing gas effects haven’t been done on Shiva yet. Shiva forces Hardik and Krish to take the holy rounds. Pandyas get tensed. Dev gets the laughing gas hiding to spray on Shiva once again. Shiva thinks in mind that still his family continues to lie and decides to do something. He starts to laugh madly to make the Pandyas believe that he is under the laughing gas effects. Pandyas feel relived.

They start performing wedding rituals of Shiva and Raavi. Shiva makes Dhara feel guilty saying that she always taught him to walk on the path of the truth. Dhara decides to drop the plan and tells Shiva about her plan to kidnap Shiva and get him and Raavi married. Shiva reveals that he already knows the truth shocking them.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Raavi and Shiva will be exchanging garlands. Suman will arrive there with Prafulla and Anita. She will throw her hand stick over Shiva to stop the garlands exchanging ceremony. She will say that this wedding won’t happen shocking Shiva and all. Raavi will say that she decided it to leave this world if this marriage doesn’t happen. Raavi will consume poison and will faint. Shiva will shout Raavi trying to ekar her up while Suman and all look shocked.

What will happen next? Will Raavi get saved? Will Suman change her decision?

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