Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Raavi to kiss Shiva in public


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Star plus’ popular daily soap Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama with Raavi being determined to do anything to win Shiva’s heart again.

In the current story it’s seen that Dev calls Rishita and asks her if she’s alone in her room. He also asks about Sagar receiving his call earlier. Rishita clarifies that she was in the washroom, so Sagar received his call and he has come to drop her till her room. She questions him if she doubts her. Dev immediately disconnects the call saying that he will talk the next day. He doesn’t receive the call when Rishita phones him again.

Raavi comes to the street and expresses her love for Shiva and kisses him. Suman, Dhara and Gautam get shocked witnessing the same while the neighbors are disguised with Raavi’s act and taunt her. Suman gets worried about her family’s reputation. Later Dhara tries to make Shiva understand Raavi is innocent. She says that Raavi would have expressed her love to Shiva in public if she had signed the divorce papers. However Shiva isn’t convinced and says that he doesn’t want to get into the forced marriage again because of Dhara.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Sagar will drop Rishita at home. The neighbors will start gossiping about that. They will discuss between them that sometimes Rishita got a car from her company, sometimes her boss drop her at home. Suman will get angry hearing this. Later Rishita will announce to Suman that she got a promotion and for that she needs to move to Ahmedabad for some time shocking Suman and all. Suman will say that neither Dev nor Rishita will go anywhere.

What will happen next?

How Rishita will react to Suman’s decision?

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