Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Raavi to strongly believe that Shiva is alive and he will return home


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Star plus popular daily soap Pandya Store keeps its audience hooked to the show with its gripping storyline. Currently the show is showing that the bus in which Shiva traveled met with an accident. Gautam and Krish spotted a body wearing Shiva’s shoes and identified it as Shiva.

In the current story it’s seen that Raavi cries after learning about the bus accident news. Suman assures Raavi that Shiva will return. Raavi gets ready to go and find Shiva. She stops on seeing Gautam and Krish. Raavi asks Gautam where Shiva is. Gautam doesn’t answer and remains silent. So Raavi goes out to see Shiva thinking that he is hiding himself to tease her. Dhara and Rishita question Gautam about Shiva.

Gautam silently walks to Suman and breaks into tears. Raavi comes to Krish and demands to tell where Shiva is. Raavi giver her anklets to her. Raavi slaps Krish and asks what it does mean. Krish nods his head negatively.

Gautam says that Shiva left them, he failed to save him shocking the family. They all cry for Shiva. However Raavi refuses to believe that left her. Raavi locks her up and says with determination that Shiva is fine and will return home.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Raavi will deny to accept the ashes brought by Gautam are Shiva’s. Raavi will ask to remove it from the house. She will say with confident that Shiva can’t go away from her. Dhara and Gautam will look on at Raavi crying. Other side Shiva will be shown lying unconscious on the side of a river.

What will happen next? Will Raavi be able to find Shiva?

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