Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Shiva and Raavi to exchange garlands


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Star Plus’ much loved show Pandya Store is all set for high voltage drama in the upcoming episode with Shiva going missing.

In the current story it’s seen that Shiva is shocked knowing that Dhara and his whole family lied to him to get Raavi and him married. Meanwhile Pandyas realise that Shiva and Raavi are missing. Dhara gets worried and says what if Raavi tells Shiva the truth. She asks all to find them. Shiva takes unconscious Raavi to her room.

He sees Rishita and Dev looking for him and Raavi. He goes to his room and pretends to sleep. Dhara and others find Raavi sleeping in her room and get relieved. Dev finds Shiva sleeping in the room and tells the same to Dhara. Later Shiva escapes from the wedding venue.

Dev and Rishita share a romantic moment in the beach. Dev says to Rishita that he is sorry that their marriage and honeymoon didn’t happen the way she wanted. They express their love for each other and hug. Other hand Raavi gains her consciousness and wonders whether she really met Shiva or it was her dream.

Dhara comes to Raavi and asks her to get ready for the wedding. Raavi refuses to perform rituals without full consciousness, but Dhara convinces her. Later Pandyas get shocked knowing that Shiva isn’t in his room.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Raavi and Shiva will exchange garlands. Shiva will taunt Dhara saying that she always said that they should walk on the path of truth which will shock Dhara and all. Dhara will stop Shiva and will say that the entire plan was hers. Shiva will look on.

What will happen next? How Shiva will react now?

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