Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Shiva and Raavi to want to postpone their divorce to find Dhara


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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya Store gearing up for more drama with Dhara getting kidnapped.

In the current story it will be seen that Raavi will phone Shiva at last when other brother aren’t answering her call. Gautam will ask Shiva to answer the call. Shiva will get worried on hearing Raavi crying and will think that maybe Raavi cry because she doesn’t want to divorce him. Gautam and Dev also say the same. Shiva asks Raavi to clearly say what she wants. Raavi tells that Dhara is missing and Gautam, Dev and Krish aren’t answering the call. She will ask him to come immediately. The brothers get shocked hearing this and rush to home.

Gautam checks his phone and sees that Janardhan called him. Gautam calls Janardhan and he tells that he got Krish jailed for taking Keerti in his bike and informed Dhara about the same. Gautam says to his family about the same. The brothers decide to go to the police station and bring Dhara and Krish. Suman asks Shiva to go to the court hearing with Raavi and end their relationship. Shiva doesn’t want to go. He says that the court hearing can be postponed and saving Dhara and Krish is more important. Raavi agrees with Shiva. How’s Suman is adamant and threatens to cut ties with Shiva if he doesn’t go with Raavi to the court and divorce her. Raavi and Shiva leave for court hearing with confusion.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Gautam and Dev will reach police station to save Krish. Gautam will ask Krish where Dhara is. Krish will say that Janardhan talked over phone Dhara, but she didn’t come here. Other hand the lady will say to someone that she’s coming with the girl. The lady will feed something to unconscious Dhara.

Will Gautam be able to save Dhara in time? Will Shiva and Raavi get divorced?

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