Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Shiva to come in front of Dhara


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Star Plus popular show Pandya store is all set up for a new twist in the show with Dhara seeing Shiva.

In the current story it’s seen that police tells Pandyas that someone called and informed that Shiva is alive and a drunkard spotted him. Police warned Pandyas that they will be jailed if they have lied to the Government for compensation.

Raavi says that Shiva is alive and she sensed his presence in their room the previous day. Dhara thinks that she also sensed it. She remembers that the bangle seller said that Gautam likes red color bangles. She gets suspicious and goes behind the bangle seller. On seeing Dhara following him Shiva starts running.

Dhara chases him asking to stop and asking why he is running. Dhara gets hold of him, but Shiva manages to escape. Dhara recalls police and drunkard words. She asks if the bangle seller wasn’t Shiva why he would run away. She decides to clear the mystery. Meanwhile Shiva reaches Prafulla’s house.

Prafulla sees Shiva’s reflection on the mirror and gets scared. She runs out of the house. She bumps into Dhara. Prafulla says to Dhara that she saw Shiva’s ghost in her house. Dhara understands that Shiva is hiding in Prafulla’s house.

Dhara comes to Prafulla’s house to find Shiva. The latter escapes on seeing her. Dhara goes after him. Shiva comes in front of Dhara when a tempo is about to hit her and saves her. Dhara gets emotional on seeing Shiva.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Dhara will want to call Gautam and will inform that Shiva is alive. Shiva will stop Dhara. He will that she shouldn’t tell anyone about this. Dhara will ask why.

Shiva will look on. Later Dev will receive some papers in courier and will look shocked. Gautam whll ask what they’re about. Dev will say that Shiva sold their land for thirty lakh shocking the family.

What will happen next? Will family misunderstand Shiva?

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