Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Shweta to get arrested for Dhara’s murder?


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Star Plus’ popular show Pandya Store is gearing up for more drama with Dhara getting stabbed by a thief. 

In the current story, it’s seen that the Pandyas are unaware that Dhara really got stabbed and continue their plan of fake murder. The Pandyas think that Dhara alone managed to remove the effigy and lay in its place pouring the fake blood.

They even praise her acting skills for pretending to be a dead body. The Pandyas accuse Shweta of killing her. Shweta denies it and accuses the Pandyas of trying to frame her for Dhara’s fake death.

Shweta tries to check if Dhara’s heart is still beating by placing her head on her chest. But Rishita diverted her by making a call to Gautam and pretending to speak to the police. Gautam arrives there taking the disguise of a cop. He declares that Shweta will be arrested for killing Dhara. Shweta is shocked to hear this. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Shweta will phone her mother and will say that Dhara is no more. Shweta’s mom is shocked to hear this. Shweta will say that the Pandyas blame her and say that she murdered Dhara.

Rishita will say to Gautam that they can’t corner Shweta and make her confess the truth if Shweta’s parents come. Pandyas will wonder what to do. Suman and Shiva will return home. Outside of the house, they will meet Shweta’s parents.

Suman will ask them why they’re sensed. Shweta’s mother will say that Dhara got murdered and the police have come. Suman and Shiva will be shocked to hear this. 

What will happen? Will Shweta confess the truth? Will Dhara survive the attack? 

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