Pandya store Upcoming Story: Suman and Shiva to get suspicious with their family members strange behavior


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Star plus’ popular show Pandya store is gearing up for high voltage with one had Dhara planing to kidnap Shiva to get him married to Raavi and other hand Suman planing to kidnap Raavi to get her married with the boy chosen by Prafulla.

In the current story it’s seen that Shiva goes to talk to Dhara when the latter is discussing her plan with her gang. Dhara asks everyone to hide and talks to Shiva. The latter wants to talk about something important to Dhara, but she refuses to talk to him right now. Shiva finds her reaction strange. Later during dinner, Gautam Dev, Rishita and Krish don’t have food saying that they have stomach upset which make Shiva and Suman feel suspicious. Shiva sees that Raavi is ignoring him and wonders what’s going on and how to find it our. Other Suman questions Dhara asks Dhara for whose wedding Raavi bought wedding dress which shocks Dhara and Gautam.

Dhara says that she might have bought for her friend, but Suman isn’t convinced. Dhara tells Raavi about the same. Raavi cooks up a story and makes Suman believe that she bought the wedding dress for her friend. Dhara and her gang discuss the plan again. Dhara expresses that she feels guilty of constantly lying to Suman. Later Shiva’s suspicious grows more when he sees everyone except Suman coming out of Gautam and Dhara’s room. He asks them what’s happening which they don’t tell him. Krish spills that they were planning. But Dev covers it up cooking up a story.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Dhara, Dev and Krish will make Shiva unconscious. They will try to leave the house taking Shiva before Suman will see them. Just them Suman will come out of her room and will look on.

What will happen next? Will Dhara get successful in getting Shiva and Raavi married?

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