Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Will Gautam be able to convince Dhara?


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Star Plus popular show Pandya Store is entertaining its viewers since the first day it’s aired on the small screen. The story is now gearing up for more drama with Gautam is in a tight spot.

In today’s episode, we saw that Ravi asks Shiva to share his pain with her. On the other hand, Rishita is upset because she is unable to do anything for Dhara. Dev suggests that they should make chai and pakoras for Dhara as she loves them and this will lift her mood. She likes his idea. Meanwhile, Shiva tells Ravi how Dhara and Gautam sacrifice their happiness for them and today when Dhara is in pain they can’t do anything. Just then Rishita came there. She asks them to cook Pakoras for Dhara and then they will eat with her. Ravi cooks food for Dhara.

They go to Dhara’s room and try to cheer her. However, Dhara asks them to leave her alone. Gautam gets sad and he calls Anita which make her happy. He shares his pain with her. She feels that soon Gautam will come to her. Later Ravi and Rishita saw Dhara working in the kitchen. They ask her to take a rest. However, Dhara refuses. Ravi asks Dhara to let her pain out or else this pain will kill her. Dhara’s eyes get moist.

In the upcoming episode, Gautam will try to talk to Dhara. Dhara will get angry. She will ask him how can he dare to face her when he was the one who killed her child. Dhara will tell Gautam that she has lost her child because of him. He is the killer of her child. Gautam and other family members will get shocked.

What will happen next? Will Dhara forgive Gautam?

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