Parineeti 16th March 2022 Written Update: Vikrant is suspicious about Rakesh’s presence at the marriage


Parineeti 16th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pari settling down with Rakesh at the marriage dias platform. She thinks in her mind she will accept this decision of her destiny as it is but also wishes for Rajiv to be okay. She wishes him to be fine while on the other hand Shera buried Rajiv alive inside the ground and says to Jay that I have killed many people in my life but never I have buried someone alive like this. On the other hand, Kabir is smiling thinking Rakesh is a genius as the way he fetches the plan to swap himself with Rajiv and executes it. No one is even able to guess that it is him and not the one they think him to be. The mobile phone of Shera drops inside the box without his knowledge and he goes from there with Jay thinking the chapter of Rajiv is over.

Rajiv gains consciousness and he finds himself inside a box and he is unable to understand how he ended up inside the box. It takes him some time to understand that someone is trying to kill him alive and that’s why they have put him inside a coffin. He was thinking about Pari and her family members and promised to himself that by hook or crook he will reach the marriage venue as Pari needs him badly. Suddenly he remembers that he got a knife with him which was gifted by Pari’s father. He brings that out from his pocket and tries to get out of the box using that because that is the only health he has right now and also for better view he was using the torch of the mobile which was left by Shera.

On the other side, Vikram was going out of the house with the cousin brother of Rajiv to arrange for the sweet boxes which they have to give as a gift to the guests of the marriage function. He says that we as a family have some responsibilities and we don’t want anyone to go back from this function with us and mind and as a brother of the bride and groom the responsibility lies with ourselves. They are about to leave the house when Vikrant notices Rakesh’s car and he gets alerted and says that Rakesh has to be inside our house and if he is here then he has some ulterior motives to execute. He decided to go inside the house and look for him so that he can find out about his plans but at first he decided not to tell the family members about it and make them worried without any reason.

They were looking for Simar in the house for a long time as she was nowhere to be seen. On the other side, Rajiv is able to get himself free from their clutches and runs away from Shera and Jay and hides somewhere in the jungle and is trying to think how to go save himself from them when he turned back and see that there is a huge snake is looking at him and he gets scared seeing it and thinks if I move even a bit from my place then I will be gone forever.

Precap – Shera and Jay shoot Rajiv, Pari asks Rakesh about Simar.

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