Parineetii 11th March 2022 Written Update: Rajiv is trying hard to reach the marriage venue


Parineetii 11th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with the marriage preparations having started for Pari and Rajiv while on the other hand, trying to escape from the clutches of Shera and his cousin. They are trying to catch Rajiv but fortunately they are unable to catch him even after going behind him. While Pari is missing Niti and thinking if she was here today I will be so happy to see that I am getting married to Rajiv and this time instead of me she will scold my father for agreeing to give dowry to Varun and his family. If she was here for 3 more days then she could see my marriage and then she decided to focus on marriage rituals. Rakesh is thinking that by any chance he should be able to get married to Pari today and he is continuously declining the call of his father.

Shera calls Rakesh and informs him that he should complete the marriage rituals as soon as possible because Rajiv is successful in fleeing away from their clutches and now he is coming for the house so you better complete the rituals before he reaches there. At the same time the praise is asking for the cloth with which they will tie the knot for the bride and groom. The family members say that it was kept in a safe box. It is their traditional thing and Rajiv’s mother tells everyone about the backstory of this and said that it was a wealth of my mother-in-law which was with me and now we are going to perform the same ritual with Pari and Rajiv. Pari is feeling a bit uneasy but she is not understanding why she is having such a thought in her mind.

On the other hand, Shera and the cousin brother of Rakesh is chasing after Rajiv in the Jungle and he is trying to get it out from there so that he can reach the marriage venue as soon as possible. Vikram comes to take the box with him but Rakesh gets scared to hear this because he has kept Simar inside it and if they bring the box and open it now then his entire game will be ruined. The MLA is trying hard to get hold of his son as he is shocked to see the state of the room but Rakesh is declining his call again and again. He thought of giving a call to Shera first and getting updates from him.

Rajiv is getting tired after running for long and he is telling God that she should give him strength and courage right now to reach the venue because Pari needs his help. He cannot let them ruin the life of her as she doesn’t deserve this. On the other hand Rakesh is praying to God that if he can marry Pari today successfully then from next day onwards he will only do good work and we’ll try to get all the blessings from people for his entire life. Vikram comes to take the box but he is surprised to know no that the box seems heavier than required. On the other side, Rajiv behinds a tree to save himself.

Precap – Rajiv gets hold of a bike and calls Rakesh and tells them that he will not let him ruin the life of Pari. Rakesh is going to give the hand of him when someone calls to stop the marriage.

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