Parineetii 12th July 2022 Written Update: Rajveer lies to Parineet


Parineetii 12th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajveer spending romantic time with Neeti and assures her that no one will disturb them in this night. Meanwhile Parineet feeds food to Mishika. Mishika asks her to tell bed time story to her. Parineet shares to her she know many stories. Mishika gets emotional and hugs her. Parineet finds her drift into sleep. Chandrika shares to Parineet that Mishika likes her after Rajveer. She asks Chandrika why did no one like this little kid?

Chandrika says that she will come to know it asap. Rajveer shows well decorated room to Neeti and enquires her how is the decorations? She teases him as not good. He asks her doesn’t she remember about their deal he will kiss her after their marriage. He tries to be romantic with Neeti but Parineet calls her on time. Neeti asks him to attend the call and leaves. Rajveer notices the weather is not good. He tries to talk with Parineet but due to signal problem he can’t.

Meanwhile Driver escapes from call. Police searching for him everywhere he hides from their sight. Inspector scold the constable for being careless and goes in different direction to search for him. Driver sits inside the car and reminds how did Rajveer beaten him. He is determine to don’t leave them today. He takes the knife in his hand and thinks he is well aware of their address. He gonna finish them today. Meanwhile Neeti and Rajveer spends quality time with Neeti.

Parineet notices someone standing in shadow and asks who is that? Driver shoes his face to her. She asks him whom allowed him inside? She shouts for help. Rajveer comes there and shouts to leave her. Driver stabs Rajveer. Parineet gets a nightmare and shouts his name. Gurinder comes there for her help. She consoles her and assures her nothing will happen to him. Gurinder learns from her that he didn’t return to home and demands her to call him. Parineet tells her he is not answering her call. She calls him.

Neeti asks him to attend the call may it’s something important. He says to her nothing is important in his life then her. He assures her he will put his phone in silent after this. He attends the call. Gurinder demands him to return home asap. He lied to her he met with an accident. He didn’t get hurt much so don’t share this to Parineet she will get panic. Parineet hears it all and says he met with an accident.

Rajveer smiles seeing Neeti pretending to be blushing bride. He has a romantic talk with her. Gurinder gets nervous hearing Rajveer got accident. Parineet assures her that he will come back asap he was taking treatment in hospital. Rajveer shares to Neeti how much she meant to her and his dream to marry her. Neeti shares to him that all husband loves their wife few months and forgets loving them after some periods. She asks him Will he stop loving her too. He denies it. He promises to her that he loves her moon and black. He assures her that no one can able to separate them. He loves her genuinely.

Episode end

Precap; Sanju will ask Neeti whom will love him like the way she do?
Neeti will complaint to Sanju that if Sanju do like the way Rajveer done to Parineet then she will show hell to him. Both Rajveer and Neeti will try to romance with each other Parineet will reach there.

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