Parineetii 12th March 2023 Written Update: Pariminder lashes out at Neeti


Parineetii 12th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet sharing with the Inspector that Neeti met with an accident and was discharged from the hospital recently. She was about to mention Neeti’s miscarriage but changed the topic. She says that she talked like that in anger. She apologizes to him on behalf of Neeti. She says that he can arrest her instead of her. Consider her medical condition and release her. The inspector says to her that he is leaving Neeti for her sake. But he won’t leave her if she behaves rude to him again. He won’t show mercy to her next time. Neeti says to him that she is aware that he is not able to keep her behind the bar. Neeti starts arguing with the Inspector again. Parineet assures him that she will make her understand. Neeti says that she will take Sanju out on bail. She doesn’t need to apologise to him. The Inspector gave a fitting reply to her. Neeti argues with him again, which makes Parineet angry. She scolds her for arguing with him.

Sanju lashes out at Neeti and demands her to leave. Neeti walks out from there in anger. Parineet follows her behind. Sanju is disappointed with her attitude. Neeti complained to Parineet that she did all this for him but he asked her to leave. Parineet tries to make her understand that she doesn’t know how to behave in such a situation. She is arguing with the Inspector. He is doing his duty. Neeti says that she can’t stay quiet like them and let her husband suffer. Parineet says that she doesn’t understand her point. Neeti says that she is trying to prove that she isn’t matured enough to handle the situation like her. She thanked her for helped her. Parineet tells her that she is helping Sanju and Neeti. Neeti says that she doesn’t need her help.

Neeti notices Tao ji comes there along with Amith and Monty. He informs Neeti that no one accepts Sanju’s case. Parineet was disappointed to hear that. Tao ji meets Sanju. The inspector didn’t allow Neeti to meet him. She challenges him to meet him next time with a lawyer. Tao ji explains the situation with Sanju. Sanju thinks that he is trying to console him. Monty assures him to take him out on bail asap and leaves. Sanju asks Parineet to take care of Neeti. Parineet assures him to take care of her. Sanju asks her to take care of herself too, because she is also important to him. She shouldn’t take more stress in this situation because it will affect her baby. Parineet assures him that she will take care of everyone. Meanwhile, Neeti returns home. Parminder inquires Neeti where Sanju and Parineet are? Neeti reveals to them that no one is accepting his case. She asks them to give her a lawyer’s number. Sanju didn’t commit any mistakes, though no one tried to save him.

Chandrika says to them that one pregnant woman was also included in this bridge collapsing case. Neeti complained that they had only met two lawyers and decided that no one was ready to help him. They don’t care about Sanju. He belongs to this family. She couldn’t see the way they were treating him like a culprit. Tao ji also went to the police station to inform her he couldn’t find any lawyer. Parminder says that she is complaining that she doesn’t care about Sanju. She raised him. Parineet is right. Neeti doesn’t know how to handle the situation.

Parineet is smart and not a fool like her and she will save Sanju.Gurinder agrees with her point. She adds that Parminder was right, Neeti only knew how to talk. After everyone leaves. Bebe says to her it’s the time to prove to everyone that she is a perfect daughter-in-law of this house. She shouldn’t behave like that. Neeti says that she argued with him about Sanju but they accuse her. Bebe asks her what she did for him? She had to bring a famous lawyer to take Sanju out on bail. She shouldn’t allow Parineet to do it. She has to prove to everyone that she is the perfect daughter-in-law of this house. Neeti accepts the challenge and thinks that she won’t allow Parineet to win in that

The constable treats Sanju badly. Bablu and Vinoth introduce themselves to him. They advise Sanju on how to handle the situation. Sanju gets frustrated with them. Meanwhile, Parineet returns home. She informs them that Tao ji has gone to meet another lawyer. Gurinder asks Neeti where she is going? Neeti informs them that she is going to take Sanju out on bail. She is Sanju’s wife and a daughter-in-law of this house. Bebe praises Neeti in front of everyone. She manipulates Gurinder to say that Neeti is the real daughter-in-law of this house. Parminder asks Neeti what she is going to do? Neeti says that she is going to meet the famous lawyer Ajay Malkhani in Chandigarh. Parineet and Gurinder accompanied Neeti. Neeti asks them to hurry up. She has to meet him before the appointment time. Bebe wishes to stop Parineet accompanying Neeti. She intentionally pushes Gurinder down. Neeti asks Parineet to stay at home and take care of Parminder. Parineet assures her to stay with Parminder. Neeti leaves from there. Parminder wishes to meet Sanju once. The Inspector refuses to give permission to Parminder to meet Sanju. They requested him to give a permission. Parineet pleads with him to do it. The Inspector strictly refuses their requests. Meanwhile, Neeti meets the lawyer Ajay. He informs Neeti that the police trying to make this case strong against Sanju.

Episode end

Precap; Neeti will inform everyone that Sanju will return home on Monday. Sanju will go there and tell her that she doesn’t need to wait for Monday. Neeti will lash out at Bajwas. Tao ji will ask Neeti to say what they are hiding from her. Parineet will ask Neeti to behave in front of her in-laws. Neeti will tell her that she will reveal everything today.