Parineetii 12th October 2022 Written Update: Rajeev feels guilty


Parineetii 12th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gurinder asking everyone to welcome her daughter in law happily. They throws flower petals on her. Neeti thinks that she got this family because of Parineet. Relatives wishes to see Neeti’s face. But Simi stops them and gives a dance performance there. Neeti enjoys the dance. Tai ji thinks that where is Parineet? May be she is hiding her tears. She is sacrificing manything for her sautan. Meanwhile, Chandrika asks her how much she will cry? No one will do this much for her sautan? Parineet tells her that she is doing everything for Neeti and her unborn baby. Chandrika hugs her to console her. Gurinder asks Simi where is Sanju? She wasn’t arranged this function to make her daughter in law sit here alone. She leaves to bring him.

Relatives asks them who is Sanju here? Parineet’s husband name is Rajeev. Meanwhile, Monty asks Rajeev why is he drinking here? He tells him that he couldn’t get out of his guilt. Monty asks him what happened now? When he is near Neeti he was happy and everything is perfect with her. But seeing Parineet with him making him feel guilty for his deeds. She was in pain but he couldn’t help her. She sacrificed manythings for his happiness. But he only betrayed her. She won’t trust anyone again in her life after his betrayal. No one is in her life. Monty thinks what happened to him now? Rajeev tells him that he doesn’t know what to do? That is why he is drinking. He is worrying about his baby. Monty asks him why is it connected with his baby? He adds that he done sin to Parineet. He fears that it will affect his baby.

Amith comes there and scolds him for drinking alcohol. He adds that Tai ji will get angry on him again. Amith drinks the remaining glass. They mocks at him. Simi caught Amith red handed and threatens him to inform about it to mom. He manages the situation there. Later, Gurinder wishes to see her daughter in law’s face first. She praises Neeti’s beauty and says to everyone that she is lucky to get her as her daughter in law. Everyone praised her beauty. Simi noticed the relatives whom attend Parineet’s Muh dikhai function. Simi alerts Amith that Anitha attended Parineet’s Muh Dikhai. What if she see Neeti there? She asks Amith to bring Chandrika asap.

Simi stops Anitha and asks her to eat something. She diverting her. Chandrika takes Neeti from there. Anitha inquires Simi why is Gurinder calling Rajeev as Sanju? She tells her that they used to call him as Sanju in home. She appreciates that. After Neeti leaves from there. Anitha finds her missing. Chandrika brings Parineet there. She checks her face and thinks that she is looking like heroine. She praises her beauty and gives money to take dhriti from her. Gurinder thinks if Parineet is inside it where is Neeti? Meanwhile, Neeti thinks that relatives may misunderstands her if they don’t find her here. She finds the room is locked from outside. She tries to call someone for help. Simi comes there and lies to her that everyone worrying about her unborn baby. They doesn’t want to see her like that. Neeti thinks that app are excited for her baby. Simi thinks that she managed the situation well. Neeti rushed her up to meet relatives.

Relatives are praising Parineet there and shares to others she is a traditional one. She is a suitable daughter in law of this house. Parineet shares to Chandrika that she wants to leave from here asap reasoning Neeti will see her. If she learn the truth all their efforts will be ruined. Chandrika consoles her. Tai ji asks her to leave from there. Pariminder says to Parineet that only she will take this much risk to save their family reputation. She adds that she sacrifices manythings for them. She is lucky to get her as her daughter in law. Parineet tells her that she is lucky to get them as her family. Tai ji asks her to don’t sacrifice her happiness for others. She shouldn’t help her in this matter. She would have punished Rajeev for betraying her. She shares her grief with Parineet.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet will advise Neeti to don’t take Karuvachauth vridh for baby’s sake. Neeti will be adamant to take fasting for Sanju. Sanju will ask her what’s going on there? Neeti will inform him that they are going to take fasting for Karuvachauth. Neeti will hug him but Rajeev holds Parineet’s hand.

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