Parineetii 13th May 2022 Written Update: Parineet thanks Rajeev


Parineetii 13th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parminder asking Simi to return Chandrika’s jewellery to her. Chandrika says she is misunderstanding her. Parminder stops her. Neeti feels worried. She thinks her Mom may call her back if she calls her. Someone comes in front of their car. Neeti fights with that driver and notices a lady and 2 sleeping persons. That person leaves throwing chips at her. The driver asks her to not fight with those goons. Parminder returns Chandrika’s jewellery to her. She asks Rajeev to take Parineet to the bank and open a locker in her name to keep her jewellery. Parineet asks Parminder to keep them with her telling she doesn’t want to open the locker. Parminder says it’s needed and asks Rajeev to take Parineet. Gurpreet and others leave asking Rajeev and Parineet to take care of each other.

Rajeev goes to get the keys. Parminder says Amit and Rajeev don’t have enough salary to afford a rented house that’s why I’m keeping them here and your necklace worth is nothing in front of what I spent on you every month. She warns to be careful from now onwards. Amit asks Chandrika why she did it. Chandrika tells in this way she gets her Jewellery. Rajeev tries to take out his car. A person who fights with Neeti comes there and Lady moves his car when he is taking so much time. Neeti comes there and notices Rajeev and asks what’s he doing here. She fights with the Driver for his misbehavior. Lady returns the key to Rajeev. They leave. Pari comes out with Monty. Rajeev feels tensed. Neeti takes Rajeev with him to chase the car who tried to make her meet with an accident. Rajeev feels relaxed.

On the way, Mandeep asks won’t they feel Parminder is strict. Gurpreet says it’s needed sometimes and she is good at heart. Vikram feels emotional recalling Jaswant. Pari and Monty notice Rajeev is not there outside. Monty calls Rajeev. He cuts the call. Neeti calls Police but it doesn’t get connected because of a network error. Goons escape from Neeti. He asks her to drop him off and tells her that she can complain based on the car number. She agrees. He asks if she didn’t go to meet someone special. Neeti says she didn’t go to meet her friend’s Mom because of flight timings. He agrees and gets down from the car.

Parineet notices Neeti’s message and thinks how she sent her location to Neeti. Parineet calls Rajeev. He tells her that he is coming. He takes a rose from the road. Monty goes inside to get his book. Rajeev returns home and thinks she has to do drama to make Parineet believe that he is still the same and didn’t change. Pari asks where he went. Rajeev says to Pari, people just make promises during the wedding but you kept yours by saving me from Parminder Tai and Rajeev kneels down and hands Pari a rose saying Thank you for coming into my life. Pari takes the rose. Rajeev says he went to bring the rose. Parineet believes him.

Monty asks Rajeev where he went. Rajeev says I went to do work for my love, you won’t understand. Pari smiles. They leave for kdm bank. On the way, Monty tells Parineet that they are going to a bank where Rich people keep their jewellery. Robbers reach the same bank and hide their guns. Rajeev reaches to the bank. Robbers takes out guns from car. Nearby person notices them and asks what are they doing with the gun. Rajeev asks Pari to sit and goes to get the form. Parineet smiles seeing the rose. Rajeev asks Parineet to sign the form. Parineet thanks him for loving her so much. He receives message from Neeti.

Episode ends.

Precap – lady warns Parineet about Rajeev.

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