Parineetii 14th June 2022 Written Update: Parineet fights with Goons


Parineetii 14th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Simi, She asks Rajeev why didn’t he informed to police instead of fighting with goons. Rajeev asks her to leave this matter he is pretty fine now. Parineet asks Doctor to allow Rajeev to stay in hospital one more night reasoning he needs precautions. Gurinder agrees with her. Simi asks Rajeev to take rest and leaves. Neeti argues with Receptionist that they gave wrong room number to her. Monty asks her to check Sanju name. She informs to Neeti he was discharged from hospital. Neeti gets relieve hearing it. He notices Chandrika coming there and fears to get caught.

Monty excuses Neeti and hides from Chandrika’s site. She collides with Neeti she apologized to her. Later Chandrika and Monty visits Rajeev. Parineet shares to them that he is taking rest. Chandrika tells her she will bring food from home. Monty says that he will sit with him but Parineet denies it reasoning she wanna be with him. Chandrika takes Monty from there. Parineet prays god for saving Rajeev. Later Neet reaches to home and her mom enquires her what’s bothering her? Neeti tells her that Sanju was hospitalized so she went to meet him. He is fine now so nothing to worry.

Sukhwinder thinks that something is wrong. Later Rajeev asks water to Parineet, she leaves to bring water. Power connection turns worst there giving tension to nurse. Sehar alerts Rakesh that they find out Rajeev’s room. They sneaks inside his room and tries to put injection to him. Nurse notices them and runs from there goons chases behind her and make her unconscious. Meanwhile Parineet returning to Rajeev’s room.

Seeing Parineet goons hides but she feels something strange there. Parineet notices nurse in unconscious state and wakes her up. Nurse alerts her about Rajeev’s state and tells her there is one hidden room behind ICU she can save him through that door. Meanwhile Nurse comes there to diverts the goons. Parineet wakes Rajeev and takes him from there. Goon suspects something fishy and returns to room to find out Rajeev escaped with Parineet help.

Goons caught them and demands her to stop it or else they will be in trouble. He tells her this room is sound proof so no one gonna hear her sound. He tells her Rakesh will treat her like queen if she married to him but she is behind this Rajeev. Parineet says that she is his wife and she will go any extreme to save him. She threatens them to stay back or she kill him.

Parineet asks them to share with Sehar that her life connected with Rajeev for 7 birth. How many Rakesh comes to separate her from Rajeev no one can able to do it. They mocked at her but Parineet threatens them to stay back or else she will kill him. Rajeev falls down and became unconscious. Police comes there before goons harming them.

Nurse asks her to shift him to room immediately. Parineet takes him back to room and thinks she needs someone help to shift him to bed. Parineet shares to him that she is going to seek someone help to shift him but he holds her hand. Nurse comes there to help her. She assures to Parineet nothing to worry police will caught them asap. Doctor comes there to check Rajeev and tells her he need blood. Parineet says to him she has blood of him.

Episode end

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