Parineetii 15th July 2022 Written Update: Rajveer lashes out at Parineet


Parineetii 15th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti packs her backs and decided to leave from hotel frustrated. She scolds Sanju while packing the things. She reads the letter which he left for her. He lied to her in it that his mom fell down so he is leaving to take card of her. He assures to meet her tomorrow. Neeti scolds herself for misunderstanding him. Sukhwinder calls Neeti and shares her grief with her. Neeti talks with her nicely. Sukhwinder realizes it’s their first night and ask her to share Sanju that she enquired about him. She lies to her he is calling her and disconnects the call.

Parineet returns to home and gets happy to see Rajveer there. He stops her and alerts her Gurinder is there. Gurinder lashes out at Parineet for left out even after she warned her to don’t go out. Parineet tries to explain the situation to her. Gurinder says that its her house so she might listen to her. She went against her. Parineet shares to her that she got scared hearing hospital name. Simi says to her he only got scratch in his hand.

Gurinder asks Chandrika to teach her what’s this house rule. She says to Parineet that its her first mistake that’s why she is forgiving her. She asks everyone to go and sleep. Chandrika consoles Parineet and advises her to stop taking this to her heart. Meanwhile Neeti talks with Rajveer in phone. He pretends like enquiring Rajveer’s health. He complaints that Parineet is her enemy that’s why she disturbed their first night. Neeti asks Rajveer to don’t misjudge Parineet. She is her close friend. Neeti tells him she misunderstood him and got angry but Parineet whom convinced her. She got his letter after that incident.

Rajveer and Neeti are talking with each other romantically and disconnects the call seeing Parineet. Parineet tries to talk with him but he ignores her. She informs to him that she got tensed hearing he met with an accident. She don’t wanna tense Gurinder. She shares to him that she don’t take Gurinder wrongly because she is angry on her but she loves her. Rajveer asks her to stop this nonsense. He lashes out at her for went out searching for him in the middle of night. He complaints that he said to her he was fine then why did she went out. Parineet shares to him that she dreamt like driver stabbed him so she got tensed.

Parineet shares to Rajveer that she went to that accident spot. She got confused when strangers said it was an big accident. He lied to his wife. Rajveer gets emotional hearing it. Parineet shares to him how much she worried for him and gets happy seeing him back safe. She adds that she doesn’t know what she means to him? But for her he is everything. He gets emotional and hugs her to console Parineet. He asks her to sleep.

Next day Neeti wakes up and admires herself in mirror. Rajveer hugs her from behind. Rajveer praises her beauty and talking with her and spend romantic time with her. Meanwhile Parineet takes Rajveer’s shirt to wash but get shock to find lipstick mark in it. Rajveer searches for tea powder to prepare tea for Neeti. Neeti comes there to help her. Later Parineet finds girl’s hair in Rajveer’s shirt and thinks whose hair is this?

Episode end

Precap; Gurinder will question Parineet why did she went out? Parineet will tell her she went out to share Rajveer’s truth. Gurinder will ask her what’s that? Parineet will inform her Rajveer has affair with someone else. Gurinder will confront Rajveer. He will accept that he loves someone else.

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