Parineetii 16th July 2022 Written Update: Rajveer apologies to Parineet


Parineetii 16th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti praises Rajveer’s cuteness. She asks him to cook for her then only he can able to understand where did she kept the things in kitchen. Meanwhile Parineet gets emotional reminding Rajveer’s moments. She thinks that she is misunderstood him. He can’t able to betray her. He risked his life to save her and loving her. Her father too liked him so she shouldn’t misunderstand him. She tries to convince herself but she couldn’t seeing the lips mark on his shirt. She thinks whose that girl?

Meanwhile Rajveer and Neeti are spending quality time with each other. Rajveer shares to her that after he met her in his life only everything going right in his life. He adds that he loves him a lot. She gets emotional hearing his confession. Later Parineet says that she can forgive him always but not in this matter. She is not a fool to do this. She thinks that now she understood why did he behaving weird with her. She cries in silent.

Rajveer asks Neeti what happened why did she crying? Neeti says to him she is not a sensitive girl but she got tears hearing his words. He tells her its good she is changing. She asks him to leave but he denies reasoning he came here leaving his all works behind to drink coffee with her.

She prepares coffee for him. Meanwhile Chandrika notices something bothering Parineet and confront her. She advised her to don’t take Gurinder words to her heart. Parineet denies it and lies to her as nothing. Chandrika asks her to share what’s bothering her because she is considering her as sister. Parineet lies to her that she didn’t sleep well that’s why she feels like that.

Parineet gets disappointed hearing Rajveer left home morning itself without informing her and always busy himself in work. Chandrika caughts her red handed she was worrying about Rajveer. Parineet shares to her that she has a nightmare Rajveer has affair with someone. Chandrika says to her Gurinder is very strict so he won’t do any mistake. He risked his life to save her so he won’t betray her. Neeti gives coffee to him. Both drinks it together.

Parineet thinks that she wanna ask Rajveer about it straightly then her confusion will be over. Parineet thinks may it’s someone else shirt? She doubts why would he wear another one shirt? She reminds how did Vicky asks her to contact him if she need anything? She changes her mind later thinking he will get angry on him.

Meanwhile Neeti demands Rajveer to say how is the coffee? He pretends like good. She warns him that she will divorce him if he don’t give honest review. She adds that she won’t forgive him if he don’t be honest with her. He gets scared hearing it. He gets Parineet message and tells her he wanna leave. She asks him Is he going to her enemy? He assures her that no one is in his life then her.

Parineet calls Neeti and asks Is she free she wanna meet her. She nods with her. Neeti feels Parineet is worried a lot and prays god to solve all her issues. Meanwhile Rajveer stucks in traffic. Flower seller comes there to sell flowers to him. He buys flowers from her and leaves. While Parineet going collied with Rajveer. He holds her on time preventing her from falling down.

Rajveer apologies to Parineet and says to her he done a mistake to her. He assures her that he won’t do like this again. Parineet asks him what did he done? Its won’t leave from her head. Wife may forgive his mistake not betrayal. He says to her that he lashed out at her twice. He shouldn’t have showed his anger on her. Parineet says that she don’t mind it. She asks him doesn’t he wanna say anything else to her.

Episode end

Precap; Gurinder will question Parineet why did she went out? Parineet will tell her she went out to share Rajveer’s truth. Gurinder will ask her what’s that? Parineet will inform her Rajveer has affair with someone else. Gurinder will confront Rajveer. He will accept that he loves someone else.

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