Parineetii 16th June 2022 Written Update: Rajeev realizes his feelings for Parineet


Parineetii 16th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Monty, he welcomes priest and informs to family members he arrived. Gurinder asks Chandrika to bring Parineet there. Gurinder shares to priest that she arranged this pooja for her son. He is ending up in problems often. She narrates the situation to him. Monty says to her that goons tried to attack him at night but Parineet saves him risking her life. Priest asks her to let Parineet and Rajeev sits together in pooja.

Later Parineet explains the 7 vows they took around the sacred fire while feeding to him. Rajeev shares to her if husband and wife supports each other marriage will be a good one. Parineet helps him to wipe the food from his lip. He admires her and appreciates the taste of food. Chandrika informs to them that priest came there so get ready asap. Parineet leaves to change her dress. Chandrika teases him that he is enjoying the food because his wife cooked it.

Later Gurinder asks Parineet to sit beside Rajeev and start the pooja. They starts the pooja together. Priest narrates the rituals to them Rajeev and Parineet takes 4 rounds around the sacred fire. Rajeev reminds Parineet’s narration of 7 vows and wishes to complete 7 vows with her.  He shares it to priest he gives permission to him. Relatives praises their love for each other. Rajeev reminds the way Parineet saves him from goons. He thinks that he accepted Parineet as his wife with all rituals. Gurinder blesses them and praises their love for each other.

Rajeev stares Parineet but Monty notices it all. Later Neeti demands driver to drive faster. She calls to Parineet both mentions sorry together. Parineet narrates to her how did Rakesh’s goons tried to abduct her but Rajeev saved her. Though goons stabbed him. She adds that Rajeev is fine now and she took 7 vows again. Neeti feels happy because she is gonna get married to Sanju. She calls to her mom and informs her about Rajeev’s state. Sukhwinder tells her that she is also happy because she got Sanjeev in her life. She loves him a lot.

Parineet hesitates to talk with Rajeev but he asks her to don’t be hesitate like this. Parineet says sorry to him and tells him that she felt different today when did she took vows with him. She don’t feel the same when did she got married to him. She doesn’t know what but she feels strange today. Rajeev too nods the same. He says to her that whatever happening now is right. He starts feeling for her she was the one taught him what’s marriage. He starts giving important to his marriage.

He tells her that he wanna go out for our relationship. He wanna change everything. He assures her that he will clear all so manages the situation. Later Rajeev visits Neeti’s house to search for her. He asks the decorator to stop the decorating work reasoning marriage called off. He thinks it’s better for everyone and he is doing right thing.

Episode end

Precap: Neeti will ask Driver what’s going on here? He will explain her some political strike so they are attacking people. Neeti will try to escape from there along with Sukhwinder. Someone will shoot Sukhwinder while escaping. Parineet and Rajeev will try to remove the Hawan bricks but it will slip down from their hand.

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