Parineetii 16th March 2023 Written Update: Sanju confirms Parineet’s pregnancy


Parineetii 16th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sanju sharing with Neeti that he is scared of whether he is able to return home or not and meet his family and Parineet. Neeti gets angry at him for mentioning Parineet’s name. Sanju says to her that she may be jealous of Parineet. Neeti says that she was possessive of him. Neeti expresses her anger at him. He says that she had changed .

Sanju says that he likes this side of her. She doesn’t like to take her friend’s name either. Neeti adds that it’s wrong to love someone blindly. Sanju tries to convince her by saying it’s a joke. She says that she is serious in this matter. She vented out all her anger at him even after he apologized to her. She avoids him. Sanju asks her to say why she is getting angry at him. Neeti says that she shouldn’t have met him before the wedding. That is why bad omens happen.

Chandrika serves juice to everyone. Parminder asks her what’s the matter. Chandrika shares her grief with her. She adds that Gurinder hasn’t accepted this Bengali daughter-in-law yet. But she considers her as her mom. Gurinder says that she wishes to find a Punjabi daughter-in-law. That is why she taunted her.

She accepts Chandrika while heart. She has changed since yesterday. She apologizes to Parineet too. She was the reason for her change. It’s tough to find a girl like Parineet. Neeti makes faces after hearing it. Meanwhile, Sanju collects Parineet’s report. Sanju informs them that the doctor sent Parineet’s pregnancy report. Parminder asks him to read it asap. Parineet says that Neeti is her lucky charm. She asks Neeti to read it first. Neeti gets emotional after reading it. Everyone asked her what was written on it?

Sanju reads it and informs everyone that Parineet is expecting it. She is carrying Neeti and Sanju’s baby. Everyone congratulates Parineet on her happiness. Gurinder says that she is going to become a grandmother because of her. She thanked her. Parminder says that this house is filled with happiness again because of Parineet. Let’s conduct a pooja and celebrate the good news. Neeti feels hurt and leaves from there.

Neeti feels heartbroken. She calls the way everyone congratulates Parineet. She collides with Sanju. Sanju asks Neeti what’s bothering her? Neeti recalls his betrayal and demands him to leave her hand. He says that he won’t leave her hand until she confesses the truth. She doesn’t know how much her ignorance hurt him. Whatever the problem was. She snatched his Neeti from her. He demands her to share it with him. He will solve it for her, just trust him. Neeti says that there is no use for it. He gave this pain to her, then how would he heal it?

Parineet hears their conversation and doubts what happened to her. Parineet inquires Neeti what’s bothering her? She hugs her. She consoles her. Parineet says that she is able to understand what is going on in her mind. She advises her but Neeti asks her to leave her alone. Neeti shares with Bebe that Parineet is carrying her baby, though she isn’t happy. Bebe thinks that she doesn’t even like to take her name. She will kick her out of the house asap.

Parineet thinks what happened to Neeti? Why is she behaving like that? She isn’t happy even after learning the pregnancy news. Meanwhile, Neeti tries to sleep on the sofa. Sanju confronts Neeti. What happened to her? They are literally behaving like a typical husband and wife. Neeti blames Sanju for it.

Episode end

Precap; Gurinder will apologize to Parineet and says that she would have been her daughter-in-law if she didn’t commit that mistake. Bebe and Neeti will hear their conversation. The priest will alert Parineet that her life is in danger. Neeti will spill the beans in anger

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