Parineetii 17th August 2022 Written Update: Rajeev grows suspicious


Parineetii 17th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet demands Rakesh to leave her hand. He tells her that he didn’t hold her hand to leave it. He loves her genuinely and he will definitely take her along with him. Parineet throws chilly powder on his eyes and escapes from there. Rakesh tells her that he won’t leave her. Later Sehar removes the cloth from Neeti’s face. Neeti shouts Sanju’s name for help. Sehar mocks at her that only Sehar only hear her voice. Neeti tells him that she won’t leave them.

Sehar says to her will she beat Rakesh? No one gonna save her from them today. Meanwhile Rajeev reaches to Neeti’s house, he notices bouquets in her house. He thinks that he wanna apologize to her but she brought it for him. She didn’t know he will come here. He starts searching for her there. Sehar asks Neeti what’s the need to come between Rakesh and Parineet to show off? Now she is in trouble. Rajeev notices someone foot print in Neeti’s house. He fears that Neeti may be in trouble. Later Parineet reminds Rakesh’s words and fears he may follow her behind. She wishes to inform this to Rajeev but changes her mind.

Rajeev doubts whom brought flowers and foot print here? Is she cheating him? No may someone kidnapped her? He dials to Neeti. Sehar asks Neeti how will she attend the phone when her hands were tied. Parineet thinks it’s important to alert Rajeev that Rakesh was returned. If some problems arrives he will be alert. Rajeev convinces himself nothing happened to Neeti. He writes a apology message to Neeti and keep it inside bouquet. Later Chandrika taking dance practice for couple dance. She forces Amith to dance with her but he falls down. She tries to help him but her back sprained. Monty mistakes them are romancing each other. Amith asks him to help them.

Parineet requests cab driver to drive faster she wanna return to home asap. Later Parineet gets a phone call from Gurinder. She tells her that all relatives are waiting for her in home. If she come late she will get angry on her. Parineet tells her she is on the way. Her phone got repaird that’s why she was late. Gurinder praises Parineet there. Simi tells her don’t be so happy. Gurinder tells her that whatever Chandrika said to her is truth. Simi says to her that she don’t wanna get worry about her baby or husband. Later Parineet calls Rajeev. He talks with her thinking her as Neeti. Parineet asks him why did he apologized to her? Rajeev manages to lie with her. Parineet doubts what happened to him? Parineet notices Rakesh’s car there and pleads driver to drive faster. Meanwhile Neeti troubling Sehar. Sehar calls Rakesh and tells him he kidnapped Neeti. Rakesh asks them to whatever they want? But don’t kill her reasoning election arriving.

Rakesh thinks that Neeti was kidnapped only Parineet left. If he caught her he will be happy. Later Sehar gets angry on driver for not driving faster. Neeti thinks that she might be careful then only she can able to escape from them. Their car will get stuck in traffic. She plans to escape from them when correct time comes. Rajeev too stucks in same traffic. Neeti notices him and shouts for help but he fails to notice her.

Episode end

Precap; Neeti will notice Parineet in traffic. Rajeev will also standing opposite to that car. He will think he often crossing this car, Is it have any connection with him. Later Parineet will get shock to find Rakesh behind her.

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