Parineetii 18th July 2022 Written Update: Rajveer in dilemma!


Parineetii 18th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet asks Rajveer Isn’t he wanna say anything else? Rajveer reminds the way he lashes out at her before. He lies to her as nothing and give flowers to her. He asks her doesn’t she likes flowers? She nods to him. Monty thinks what’s he doing here? Rajveer asks him Is he find out the file? He nods to her. He asks her to don’t wait for him tonight he will reach home late night.

Parineet thinks that he is not the same person whom loved her. Neeti calls Parineet to learn where is she? She tells her she is about to reach there. Later she reaches to Neeti’s house and stands there silent. Neeti hugs her to console her. Neeti enquires her what’s bothering her? She is well aware of her from childhood days. Doesn’t something bothering her? Is her family members troubling her. Parineet shares to her that she doubts Rajveer has affair with someone else. She saw lipstick marks in his shirt which is not mine. Neeti demands her to go out with her to confront him.

Rajveer gets angry  on Monty. He is irritating him by bringing his two wives concept and teasing him with dream girl name. Monty asks him why did he getting angry now? Doesn’t he married to Neeti? Monty asks him why did he buy flowers for Parineet? Rajveer says to him Parineet is his wife for outsiders.

 He don’t love her at all because he is typical Indian wife. How will he manage today? Monty says to him that no one will find out his secret marriage. Rajveer informs to him that both Neeti and Parineet are best friends. Monty asks him whom will he choose inbetween them? Rajveer says that definitely Neeti because he is perfect to him.

Neeti is furious on Rajveer for betraying Parineet. How could he betray her friend? Parineet tries to stop her and tells her its of no use. This will create new problems in life. Parineet asks her to let’s confront Rajveer first we can’t come to an solution just by seeing lipstick mark. Parineet consoles her. Neeti shares to her that she can’t able to control herself when it comes to her matter.

 Parineet asks her to help to solve this issue. Later Simi complaints to Chandrika it’s hard to eat same food daily. Gurinder asks her to stop complaining on food and learn how to cook. She gets angry on Balwinder for drinking always. Mishika comes near her but she leaves from there ignoring her.  Amith asks Mishika to join with him taking dinner. Mishika is adamant to take food with Parineet.

Amith assures to her let’s talk with her. Mishika calls Rajveer and informs him that she is missing Parineet. She is happy with her and wanna see her asap. Rajveer shares to her that he has some work to do in office so he will reach home later. Mishika demands him to reach home back or else she will angry on him.

Rajveer shares to Monty that Mishika closed with Parineet how will she accept the truth she will leave him soon. Monty asks him to don’t forget Parineet whom found her out. He says that everyone in his family likes Parineet how will he break Neeti’s heart she loves him a lot.

Neeti asks Parineet when did Rajveer’s office end? She shares to her there is no fix time. Parineet adds that he doesn’t know what’s she like or nor? He even doesn’t know Is she eating or not? He is hardly staying in home and reaching home late at night. Neeti shares to her its damn sure he has affair with someone else. How could he betray his friend? Parineet asks her how come she is sure?

Neeti informs to her that all office were closed on Sunday. Parineet says may there is some important work there. Neeti clears to her he went to meet his girlfriend lying to her he met with an accident. Neeti shares to her friends experience to her. Meanwhile Monty says to Rajveer that its easy to convince Parineet. He tells him he doesn’t care about her but Gurinder. Monty assures him that he will manage her. Parineet feels happy for Neeti at least because she got Sanju in lift. Neeti highly disappointed with Rajveer’s behaviour. Parineet and Neeti remembers their partners moments. Parineet apologies to her for ruining her mood. Neeti tells her she will find out the truth.

Episode end

Precap; Gurinder will question Parineet why did she went out? Parineet will tell her she went out to share Rajveer’s truth. Gurinder will ask her what’s that? Parineet will inform her Rajveer has affair with someone else. Gurinder will confront Rajveer. He will accept that he loves someone else.

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