Parineetii 18th June 2022 Written Update: Sanju promises Sukwinder that he will marry Neeti


Parineetii 18th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti asking Sukwinder why she’s crying. Other side Rajeev gets hurt in head. Pari cares for him. Rajeev smiles seeing her care for him. She asks why he is smiling. He says that it wasn’t painful. Here Sukwinder tries to tell Neeti about Rajeev’s letter. Just then the taxi stops. Neeti asks the driver what’s happening. Taxi driver says that there’s riot between two political parties. Driver runs away. Neeti and Sukwinder get out of the car and hide themselves.

Neeti phone Sanju to seek his help. Sanju thinks that Neeti is calling him after reading his letter. He says that he will talk to her later, but he made his decision. Neeti says to her mom that Sanju and Pari aren’t receiving her call, so they have to get out of this by themselves. They run. Sukwinder gets shot. Neeti cries holding Sukwinder. She shouts for help. Rajeev drops the puja things. He gets worried and says that it’s a bad omen. Pari says that it’s not. She says that she will clean it and asks him to go. Rajeev thinks of calling Neeti and clearing everything.

Neeti is on the way in the taxi taking her injured mother. She phones doctor and requests her to reach the hotel. Rajeev comes to his room. He takes out his phone to call Neeti. He looks at the photo frame of himself and Pari. He calls Neeti. The latter says that she is stuck in a riot and Sukwinder got shot. She asks him to reach the hotel fast. Neeti is praying to God to save her mother while doctor is treating Sukwinder. Rajeev comes there. Neeti hugs Sanju and cries. She says that everything will be fine now as he has come. She hugs him thanking for coming and cries.

Doctor comes to Neeti and Sanju and says that Sukwinder is taking Sanju’s name. Neeti asks she didn’t take her name. Doctor says that in this time patient usually takes the name of people whom they trust or to whom they wanted to say something. Doctor advises to not say to Sukwinder anything that will shock her.

Neeti and Sanju comes to Sukwinder. The latter says to Neeti that she wants to talk to Sanju alone and requests Neeti to wait outside. Neeti is surprised on hearing this. She teases Sanju asking what magic he did on his mother. She says to not make any complaint of her. She leaves. Kushwinder says that her condition is critical, but she requests the doctor to not tell her daughter this. Kushwinder requests Sanju to not break his wedding with her. She says that she read his letter. She says that he is scared that his family won’t accept her. She assures that Neeti will win their hearts. She pleads with him to marry Neeti and asks him to promise the same. Rajeev promises her that he will marry Neeti, will love her lot and will always keep her happy. Kushwinder thanks Sanju.

Neeti thanks God for saving her mother. She wonders that her mother liked Sanju so much that she took his name after gaining her consciousness. Pari phones Neeti and apologizes for not seeing her calls. Neeti tells about the riot and Sukwinder got shot. Pari gets worried and wants to meet her. Pari says that she’s fine now and says to not come as there’s riot. Pari says that how she will handle everything alone. Neeti says that Sanju is with her. She thanks Pari for telling Sukwinder about her wedding. Sukwinder liked Sanju and wanted to talk to him alone. She says that she can’t accept that Pari loves Sanju more than her. She can share her mother’s, but not Pari’s. Pari says that she won’t.

Sanju apologizes to Sukwinder for writing that letter. Sukwinder says that it’s fine. She says that she should thank him for agreeing to marry Neeti. She asks if he loves her. Sanju looks on.

The episode ends.

Precap: Sukwinder asks Sanju to promise that he will take care of Neeti. Pari reaches Neeti’s wedding venue and meets Sukwinder. Sanju is with Neeti and helps her get ready. Pari walks to them. She opens the door and looks on.

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