Parineetii 18th November 2023 Written Update: Bebe provokes Neeti against Parineet

Parineetii 18th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parminder asking Sukhwinder to stop it. Neeti says that it’s over for her too. She thought about something else. Sanju asks her what she thought? Neeti says to him that she thought that he will leave everything to her. She is his world. Sanju says that he can’t be selfish towards her. Neeti asks him why he married her then? Why did he change like that? Sanju says that he doesn’t want to ruin a person’s life. Neeti says that he loved her. Sanju says that he still does it. Neeti says that she needs his answer. She needs his happiness. She will accept his decision. Neeti asked Tao ji, Didn’t he ask her to say what she really wanted? She needs a divorce from Sanju. Sanju says that she will get it. Everyone was shocked to hear it. Neeti leaves from there. Parineet runs behind her. Sukhwinder asks Neeti to listen to her. Neeti asks Parineet to stay away from her. Nothing is more important to her than her happiness. Neeti says that she finally understood her words. Parineet says that she doesn’t understand anything. She can’t help her anymore. Neeti says that she pretends she cares for her in front of everyone. Now she shows her true colors.

Neeti asks her why she is making this drama with her. Parineet says that she doesn’t want to see everyone treat Neeti as a fool. She stooped low in their eyes. They will look down on her when she tries to kill her baby. Parineet says that she thinks she is smart. Parineet says that she isn’t smart but a fool. She is giving pain to herself by getting angry like this. She is not giving pain to him by getting him divorced. It was her bad decision. Neeti says that nothing will happen like that. She leaves from there. Later, Bebe says to Parineet that she is the reason for everything. This is the truth. She asks her to recall her past. Neeti was with her before, but she isn’t with her. This family will break apart. Parineet says to Bebe that nothing will happen like that. Until she is alive she won’t allow this to happen. Everything will be alright tomorrow. Parineet asks her not to challenge her. She would do anything for Neeti. She leaves from there.

Chandrika asks Parminder what’s bothering her? She says to her that she wants to do something for Parineet. Chandrika is like Parineet’s sister. She will listen to her. She nodded to her. Neeti ended her friendship with Parineet. She considers her as her Sautan. Parineet doesn’t understand it. She asks her to be with her and take care of her. Chandrika says to Parminder that she is the best mother-in-law. She understands her daughter-in-law’s feelings. She says that she is a woman first. She has to support them in this situation. Chandrika appreciates her. She asks her to stop praising her and take care of Parineet. Meanwhile, Parineet recalls Neeti’s words. Chandrika thinks about changing Parineet’s mood. She asks her to help her with cooking. She thinks it will help her to change her mood. Bebe hears it. She recalls Parineet’s challenge to her. Later, Sukhwinder refuses to talk with Neeti. Neeti says that she listened to her. She went there leaving her ego behind. But she faced humiliations there. Sukhwinder says that her in-laws would have supported her if she left her ego. She is a kind girl, then why is she not able to get Parineet’s place in that house? Sukhwinder says that Sanju supports Parineet.

Bebe comes there and says to Neeti that it was Neeti’s mistake. Once Parineet left, everything would be alright. Neeti is crying here but they are celebrating there. Tao ji advises Sanju. Bebe provokes Neeti against Parineet. She is going to impress everyone with her cooking. Tao ji asks Sanju to solve his misunderstanding with Neeti or else it’s hard to save his relationship with her. Neeti says to Bebe that she shouldn’t have saved Parineet when she tried to kill her first time. Bebe says that she can do it again. Neeti says that she shouldn’t escape this time. Sanju says to Tao ji that he doesn’t know what to do. Tao ji tells him that Neeti loves him a lot, so he can solve these issues. Meanwhile, Bebe uses room spray in the kitchen. She cuts the gas cylinder pipe connection using a knife. She thinks that Sanju saved her last time.

Episode end

Parineet will light the lighter. The cylinder exploded in the kitchen. Parminder will shout for help. Sanju hears her sound and breaks the door. He will rush out to witness Parineet’s life in danger.

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