Parineetii 19th July 2022 Written Update: Gurinder slaps Rajveer


Parineetii 19th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajveer decides to take Neeti out for dinner. Monty asks him to take him along with them he will capture their pictures together. He denies it and thinks today he will spend time with her but Parineet can’t able to stop him. Meanwhile Parineet shares to Neeti that she doesn’t care about Rajveer but Gurinder. Neeti asks Parineet to follow Rajveer’s pattern. She wanna follow him and finds out where is ur going and coming? Parineet asks her how will she do it?

Neeti advises her to spy his phone first but Parineet denies it. Neeti says that he don’t deserve to be her husband then why did she hesitating to spy his phone. She asks her to consider it as checking his phone. Neeti shares that he gonna get caught today. Meanwhile Rajveer rushes to go out but got anxious how will manage the situation.

Monty asks him to stop worrying about tomorrow and enjoy today. He asks Monty to buy blue coat for him reasoning Neeti likes that color. Peon mistakenly spills coffee on his shirt. Rajveer gets worried thinking he wanna change it. Neeti shares to Parineet that she is excited to go out with Sanju for dinner date. Parineet feels happy for her.

Meanwhile Simi calls Parineet and scolds her for left out without permission again. Parineet excuses Neeti and leaves. Later Mishika refuses to take food. Rajveer comes there and gifts new doll to her. She praises that doll and says this doll looks like Parineet. Her eyes looking so pretty so she gonna call it as Parineet. Rajveer feels guilty. She asks him to buy another one Rajveer doll she wanna perform their marriage. Monty asks him to leave or else he will get late.

Parineet notices Rajveer there. Gurinder stops Parineet there and enquires her where did she left? Simi says that what it anything happened to her whom will answer to her family? Parineet says that she went to meet her friend. Gurinder asks her why did she staring him? Rajveer is not taking decisions in house.

Gurinder lashes out at Parineet for left outside without taking permission. Simi lashes out at her and insults her family’s upbringing. Parineet asks her to stop it. She cant able to hear her insulting her family members. She won’t keep quiet here. Rajveer scolds Parineet for raising her voice against Simi. Grinder stops him by saying she didn’t upbring him to raise his voice against woman.

Gurinder asks Parineet where did she went? She informs to her that she went out to find out Rajveer’s truth. She demands her to say what’s truth? Parineet says that Rajveer has affairs with someone else. Gurinder and Simi scolds her for blaming him. Gurinder asks Rajveer Is she saying the truth? He denies it. Parineet asks him Is she saying lie? Then why did he left her on Mandap after marriage. Because he has affair with someone else and he don’t love her at all. Gurinder asks Rajveer to swear on her. Rajveer accepts that he don’t love Parineet at all he loves someone else.

Rajveer says to her that he don’t like her he wanna marry a modern girl. He narrated to her how did his marriage take place. Gurinder slaps him in anger. Grinder says that she don’t accept betrayal. She demands him to go out of her house. Rajveer says that Parineet wanna leave this house reasoning its all happening because of her. He is this house son. Parineet says that its all her mistake to love him. Rajveer says that he don’t like her melodrama at all but loving someone else.

Gurinder pushes Rajveer out of the house. Simi says that Rajveer went out then how will she let Parineet stay inside the house? She don’t have any relation in this house. Gurinder agrees with her and demands her to leave the house. Parineet pleads with her to don’t send her out reasoning her mom was sick. Simi sends her out of the house didn’t heed to her plea. She asks her where will she go out in this night? She gets devastated thinking Rajveer’s word.

Episode end

Precap; Rajveer will ask Parineet why did she keep following him? Parineet will tell him he played an love drama with her! He will tell her he only love one girl in his life. Parineet will complaint that he betrayed her family and her. Rajveer will complaint that her father ruined his life.

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