Parineetii 19th September 2022 Written Update: Parineet falls down from the cliff


Parineetii 19th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet praying to God. Vermilion falls on her head in the breeze. She reminds of Rajeev’s betrayal towards her. She walks away from there. Meanwhile, Tai ji is adamant to meet Parineet. Rajeev dials Parineet but she does not attend the call. Gurinder shares with them that the storm is outside. How will Parineet manage to stay outside? Rajeev dials Parineet but the priest attends the call. He reveals to him that a lady was crying in the temple. She left the temple 2 hours before leaving her phone behind. He tries to stop her but she doesn’t listen to him. Rajeev shares this with Tai ji. Tai ji says to her husband that she won’t forgive herself. If something happens to her? Gurinder fears that Parineet may return to Barnala and reveal her truth to everyone. Rajeev assured her that Parineet was not the type to pull down someone’s leg. She won’t reveal her truth to anyone.

Chandrika asks Rajeev to talk with Parineet’s family first. They are able to confirm whether Parineet reached there or not? Rajeev calls Parineet’s mom. She inquires about Parineet, disappointing him. Rajeev calls Neeti to confirm whether she is there or not. He informs him that she isn’t there. Rajeev informed his family members. Simi shares with everyone that Parineet may be at the police station. She would have complained against them in the police station for betraying her. She is well aware everyone will support her here. Gurinder fears the worst.

Parineet was walking on the road while recollecting her past days. The way her dad died and people badmouthing about her. Rajeev stops her from jumping. Parineet asks him why he is here? She. He doesn’t dare to step forward. She will jump down from there. Rajeev apologizes to her and tells her that he doesn’t want to end it like that. Parineet asks him if he wishes to hide the truth from everyone? How many days would he lie to them? He apologized to her. Parineet shares with him that she used to worry about him when he returned home late. She convinced herself it was nothing. But Rajeev was spending time with another one. She wouldn’t eat until he returned home, but he used to stay out lying to her when he was attending the meeting with the Boss. She is not a fool to always believe him. She is not fooled to stay with him again. She shares with him that she saw his love for someone else. She loved him from her whole heart but she saw him pleading to save Neeti in hospital. His love for Neeti broke her trust in him. She reminds him of his betrayal. Parineet shares with him that she doubted him having an affair with someone else.

Actually Neeti, who advised her to keep an eye on him. He had an affair with someone else. But she supported him going against her. She didn’t know that he was spending time with another person lying to her. She lashes out at him. Parineet opens up with Rajeev. She questions him. Didn’t he know Neeti was his love? Why did he marry her? If he said to her once that he loved Neeti, then she would have left him. Why didn’t he say it to her once? He made their marriage life worse? Rajeev shares with her that he doesn’t know what’s going on in his life. Then how would he alert her?

Parineet asks him to shut up. He always cooked stories to cover up his lies. She believed him unaware of his true face. Rajeev shares with her that he wants to save his family and our relationship. Parineet says that he is lying. He wants to save himself and his relationship with Neeti. That’s why he played with drama with us. How could he have stayed with her under one roof? He feels guilty when she keeps questioning him about his deeds. Parineet shares with him that she won’t let her mom know the truth. She will die after she learns it. She wasn’t able to see her suffering. Rajeev asks her not to step backwards. Parineet questions him about why his relationship with her relationship with her stops her. She falls down from there. Rajeev shouts her name loudly.

Episode end

Precap: Rajeev will ask Parineet not to step backward. She will fall down a cliff. Rajeev will show Parineet’s clothes to Tai ji. She will demand the police to arrest Rajeev.

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