Parineetii 1st August 2022 Written Update: Parineet grows suspicion


Parineetii 1st August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Natasha’s father shares to guest what’s true love? He asks Natasha to become a lovable couple like them in future. He shares to all that today one special guest arrived at the function. He introduces him as Naman’s best friend Sanju. Parineet thinks Neeti said to her Sanju gonna attend Sangeet function. Is he same Sanju? Neeti forces Rajeev to go to stage. Before Parineet noticing him Seema calls her. She introduces her to her husband. She tells her Parineet whom saved Natasha today. He thank her she tries to take his blessings. He stops her but she reminds her father. Natasha comes there and introduced her with her. Neeti wishes to call Parineet and enquires her what’s going on? Parineet goes out to attend her call.

Neeti disconnects the call seeing Rajeev on stage. Parineet fails to see him there. She dials to Neeti again but line is busy. Meanwhile Rajeev says to all that he doesn’t know what to talk he is so nervous. Neeti gets angry on him. Rajeev shares to all that he don’t wanna marry anyone but he fell in love with first sight after saw Neeti.

 After he married to her he feels everything good in his life. He loves her a lot. Rajeev hugs Neeti and kiss her. Natasha and Naman comes there and praises their jodi. Neeti notices Parineet missed calls and leaves to attend the call. Rajeev thinks that these two are always thinking about  each other. He asks god to help her today it they looks each other then it’s last day of his life.

Neeti calls Parineet and talks with her. Neeti shares to her that Sanju makes her emotional by confessing his love for her on stage. Parineet tells her that today someone called Sanju on stage. How come many things happening coincidence. Rajeev takes her from there before Neeti sharing everything to her. Parineet keeps thinking about it.

 Natasha asks her where did she lost? Naman comes there and hugs her. Natasha introduces Parineet to him that she saved her life. He thank her for saving her life. Later Naman and Rajeev are enjoying the party by drinking. He brings past incidents to him. Rajeev says to him that he really loves Neeti. Parineet calls Rajeev and enquires him about his friend? He lies to her that he was crying. Parineeti doubts him hearing someone laughing sound there. He manages to lie with her.

Parineet asks him to attend her friend Sangeet. He asks her doesn’t he has sense? How will he attend the function when his friend is broken. He asks her will she react like this if her friend Neeti in this state? Parineet apologize to him. She hears plates broken sound in both side. She suspects how did she hears sounds in both place.  Meanwhile Natasha taking selfie with his family. Seema complaints to Natasha that her dad behaving weird here. It’s India how could he behave like this in front of in law’s? She asks her to leave him let him enjoy it. He goes to stage and shares his happiness to guest. He announces new game to them.

He shares to all that everyone should wear the mask and search their partner. Seema complaints that he is finding new games. Natasha teases her. Her father narrates the rules of the game to all and asks everyone to get ready. Server gives mask to everyone. Parineet thinks that mask is here but not her husband. It’s better to leave from here bidding bye to Natasha because she promised to attend this function for her. She done it. Everyone waiting for her in home. Parineet searches for Natasha but ends up spot Neeti in Sangeet. She gets happy to see her here. She gets cleared that both Sanju is same and wishes to meet him today. She walks to them.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet will stop Neeti. Neeti will get happy to see Parineet there. Neeti will ask Parineet Is she believing Rajeev said truth to her? What if he went to attend that party with his girlfriend? Neeti will tell Parineet that Sanju standing there let’s meet him. Neeti will bring Parineet near him.

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