Parineetii 1st March 2023 Written Update: Neeti has a nightmare


Parineetii 1st March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti saying to Parineet that she doesn’t deserve to stand in front of her for whatever she did to her. She snatched everything from her. She has considered her as her sister since childhood. Parineet asks her not to treat her differently. She asks her to listen once, then she will understand everything. She pushes her but Rajeev holds her. She is just Parineet to her. Another wife of her husband. She was her Sautan. She misunderstood Bebe and supported Parineet. She warned her to make Parineet stay away from Sanju. She humiliates Parineet. Neeti asks her not to apologise. Bajwa’s family betrayed her. Everyone cheated her and hid the truth from her. They were both husband and wife. They stoop low to get a heir. She was a fool to believe them. She thought that she was lucky to have such a good family as her in-laws. They allowed his sister to stay in their house. But they actually allowed their daughter-in-law to stay there. Parineet pretended to be a mahan in this house. She was ready to carry her baby, to show herself as a mahan, to impress everyone. She fell in their eyes. Don’t they share a good bond with each other in Barnala? Why did she hide the truth from her?

Parineet says to her that she isn’t understanding the truth. There is no husband and wife relationship between us. He doesn’t love her but Neeti. Neeti asks her to stop lying. She had already done many things for her. She humiliates her. Rajeev asks her to stop badmouthing Parineet. Neeti teases him for supporting his wife. He came to save his wife when she mentioned her as Sautan. Parineet tells her that he loves Neeti. She is enraged and lashes out at them. Parminder tries to convince her but she doesn’t give heed to her words. Neeti throws Parineet out of the house and demands her to leave. Parineet stops her. She pleads with her to listen to her once. Rajeev says to her that he will explain to her, but Parineet denies that. She warns him not to come between them. Neeti says that she has come already. She changed their relationship to Sautan. Parineet says that she doesn’t understand the situation. She is throwing words at her in anger. They are friends forever.

Neeti says to Parineet that she is cutting all her ties with her forever in front of this sacred fire. Parineet asks her what she is saying? Neeti tells her that she is just a Parineet to her. Only Sautan’s relationship is between them. She swears to her. Rajeev tells her that she can’t make a decision without listening to them. She wasn’t at fault here. He was the reason for everything. Neeti tells him that he has come to support his other wife. She is able to see his love for her. She leaves from there. Bebe stops Parineet from following Neeti. Parminder says that she revealed the truth to Neeti. This was her family too, though she betrayed them. Rajeev tries to stop Neeti. Suitcase hits Parineet. She says to her that this pain is nothing in front of the pain she gave to her. She curses Parineet and Bajwa’s family and leaves.

Neeti comes out of her dream. She wishes to confront Parineet. Bebe stops her. Meanwhile, Babli worries about Rajeev’s health. Monty assures her that he is feeling better. Parineet is also worried about it. Rajeev asks Babli to inform Parineet to get ready asap. Later, Neeti wishes to confront Parineet. Bebe asks her what she is going to ask them? They won’t answer her. Bajwa’s family is betraying her. She had to confront them. If she asks Parineet she won’t accept the truth. The Bajwa family will support Parineet. She provokes her against Parineet. She advises her to play along with them. Neeti wants to snatch everything back from Parineet. If she fails to do it, then Sanju and his family will belong to Parineet. She will lose her baby too. She assures Neeti to support her.

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