Parineetii 20th August 2022 Written Update: Sanju in Dilemma


Parineetii 20th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet gets shocked to see Neeti is bleeding. She cries seeing her in such state and shouts for help. Someone asks her to take her to hospital or else she will be in trouble due to lot of blood loss. Meanwhile Simi mocks at Gurinder for got insulted in front of her friends. She adds that Parineet arranged this function to impress her but look at her true color? She made her humiliated in front of all. Chandrika tells her definitely Parineet would have stuck with some issues that’s why she didn’t reach to home. She is not a irresponsible person. She will call her. Gurinder stops her and says to her that she insulted her so she will be punished for her mistake. Later Rakesh thinks that Parineet escapes from him but Neeti is still in his custody. He will teach a lessons to them. He calls Sehar and demands him to take care of Neeti he will reach there in 10 minutes. Sehar informs to him that she escaped from them but ended up met with an accident. Rakesh demands him to keep an eye on them where did she admitted? If she reveal his name to media then his father will be in trouble. Election is nearing.

MLA says to Sehar’s wife that he is getting late. He gives money to Sehar’s wife and leaves from thete. She calls Sehar and informs to him that MLA came to meet him. He make sure from her that she didn’t open anything about Rakesh. He says to Veeru that he will inform everything to him. Veeru asks him doesn’t he Rakesh’s body guard then why did he spying him? Sehar tells him MLA treating him like his son. He is his teacher so he will be loyal to him always. Later Parineet takes Neeti to hospital. She asks receptionist to call doctor. She leaves to bring doctor there. Parineet asks Neeti to open her eyes. She shares their cute moments with her to bring her back to conscious.

Parineet says to Neeti that they discussed about their children names too. She is nothing without her. She can get angry on her but don’t be like this. She pleads with her to open her eyes for her. Neeti opens her eyes and mentions her name. Parineet helps her to get up and assures her that she is with her.
Neeti demands her to take care of Sanju and mom. Parineet assures her and scolds her for talking nonsense. Nothing will happen to her she will be alright soon. She won’t let anything happen to her. Neeti tells her she promised to her don’t forget that. Something happening to her. Neeti turns to unconscious. Neeti cries seeing her state and pleads with her to open her eyes.

Doctor comes there and enquires Parineet what happened? Parineet shares to him that she met with an accident. Doctor tells her they might give complaint to police station before he attending this case. It’s accident case he can’t able to take risk. Parineet asks him what if police don’t come? Will he let her die like this? He asks her to talk with senior doctor. It’s hospital rules to finish legal formalities before attending the patient. Parineet tells him she will inform to police and talk with their senior.

Meanwhile Rajeev worries for Neeti and wishes to talk with her. He searches for his mobile and mistakenly his hand hit the photo frame. It’s broken. He think what’s going on today? He argued with her today and broken photo. It’s bad omen. He thinks it’s illogical thought. He dials to her number but she is not attending the call. Neeti comes there. He gets happy seeing her there and apologize to her for scolding her. She talks about going far from him he stops her. She says to him that he hurt her a lot today. She walks away from him. He shouts to stop. His boss comes there and asks him what’s going on here? Rajeev realises that he dreamt her. Boss lashes out at him for disturbing office hours like this. He asks him to dream in his house permanent. Rajeev apologizes to him. He fears he will separate from Neeti.

Later Parineet informs senior doctor about Neeti’s condition and alerts her that she lost excess blood. Doctor tells her she can’t able to take risk in her matter. Parineet tells her she is in critical condition whom will take responsibility if something happen to her? Senior doctor tells her if something happen to her Neeti’s family members give complaint against them it will affect their hospital reputation. Parineet assures her that they won’t do like this. She adds that Neeti is her everything so she will go any extreme to save her. Parineet places knife on her neck and threatens her to check Neeti or else she will kill herself. Doctor demands her to inform police about this accident.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet will ask doctor to take her life and save Neeti. Doctor will tell her they done their best not she couldn’t. Rajeev will miss Neeti and think where did she went? Later Rakesh will learn from Sehar that Neeti still breathing not died. Rakesh will decide to kill her. He will enter into ICU to kill her.

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