Parineetii 20th July 2022 Written Update: Parineet follows Rajeev


Parineetii 20th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajeev stops the cab and notices Parineet comes opposite to him. Both reminds the bitter incidents happened between them. Rajeev raises his hand to slap her but she blocks him. Rajeev says to her that everything happened because of her. He won’t forget that. Parineet complaints thar he played love drama with her and betrayed her family. Rajeev mocks at her and says that he only loves one girl in his life.

She will be remain alone in her life. He asks her to return her home and reveals to all her husband left her. Parineet says to him that she never thought he will stoop this much low. Rajeev says to her that she can go back to home and her family members will die in out of shame. Meanwhile Parineet comes out of her dream. She thank God for making it as a dream. She won’t confront him till she find out the truth.

Rajeev calls Neeti and tells her he needs some more time to accompany her. Meanwhile Neeti calls her to enquire her Is she stole his phone? Parineet shares to her that everything will turn against her if truth comes out. Gurinder kicks him out of the house. She will remain no relation with this house. How will she go back to her home?

 Her mom will be sick and neighbors badmouthes on her character. Neeti says that she is thinking a lot. She will be there to support her if someone goes wrong too. Parineet says to her that she will tear his mask in front of all. Later Parineet notices Rajeev’s phone and checks it. She hides seeing him come out if bathroom. She thinks it’s not the right way to take his phone in this way.

Monty comes there and informs to him that Mishika playing with Pari doll. She needs Rajeev doll to play with it. Rajeev says that Pari doll looks good with him reasoning Parineet is a very nice person. She is his wife and she done many things for him. They leaves from there. Parineet thinks that why did he talking like this? Is he has feelings on her? Meanwhile Simi enquires Rajeev Is he going out? He nods to her.

She asks him to call the driver to go out. He says that he will drive alone. Parineet thinks that Neeti said her friend followed him to caught her husband red handed. Rajeev’s phone rings there. He doubts how come his phone ended up in her hand? He asks her why did she take his phone? She lies to him that she came to return his phone. He asks her to don’t wait for him. He lies to her that he has one meeting to attend.

Parineet thinks that he made her fool a lot not today. He fears Parineet may noticed Neeti’s name. He saved her number as Boss not to find her out. Parineet follows Rajeev in car. Neeti calls her to enquire what’s going on? Parineet informs to her that she is following him in car.  She asks her to keep update her till then she wanna attend dinner with Sanju.

 Parineet asks Driver to go close near that car. Driver says to her he was hearing to her conversation nothing to worry. He will drop her on spot. Rajeev takes a another way to go. Parineet worries when she missed the car. Later Rajeev apologizes to Neeti for being late.  Driver apologizes to Parineet for missing the car. Parineet thinks that all are betraying her. If he loving someone why should he marry her?

Episode end

Precap: Driver will show Rajeev’s car to Parineet. She will get shock to see him giving flower to one lady. Parineet will follow him inside. Aunty will drag Parineet to her side. Parineet will ask her Is she saw Rajeev any where? She will show Rajeev to her and enquire her whose that lady with him?

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