Parineetii 20th March 2023 Written Update: Neeti exchanges Gurvinder’s medicine.


Parineetii 20th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pariminder welcoming Maheshwari and her friends. They thank her for inviting them. She introduces them to family members. She inquires them if it looks like some celebration is going on? Simi says that they were celebrating the party but Gurvinder got sick. Vinitha says to them that Neeti’s face is familiar to her. She saw her picture on the front page of the magazine. Parineet hugs her after they praise Neeti. Parineet is about to take snacks for the guests.

Parminder asks Parineet to bring carrot halwa for the guests. Her cooking tastes delicious. She has trust in her. She won’t break her trust. Parineet assures her that she won’t break her trust. Bebe overheard their conversation. She calls Neeti and tells her that the fire has caught in her room. Bebe tries to manipulate Neeti against Parineet. Neeti says that she was aware of everything. Guests are waiting for her.

Bebe says to her that Gurvinder has fallen sick. But Parminder asks Parineet to give the medicine to her, not Neeti. She heard Parminder saying to Parineet that she had trust in her. She won’t make any mistakes. Parminder introduces Parineet as Neeti’s sister. But she is Sanju’s wife. She lied to them. Everyone is fooling her here. She provokes her against Parineet by bringing up the past. She says that she won’t allow her to snatch Neeti’s rights from this house.

Bebe asks Neeti to exchange Gurvinder’s medicine. Gurvinder will get well slowly. If she does this, everyone will accuse Parineet of it.She agrees to do it. Parineet cooks the snacks. Chandrika comes there to help her. Parineet excuses her for giving medicine to Gurvinder on time. Neeti sneaks into Gurvinder’s room and exchanges medicine. Gurvinder wakes up hearing the sound. Neeti pretends to like to inquire about her health?

Gurvinder assures her that she is doing better. Bebe thinks that she shouldn’t have hidden. She can lie to her that she came to check on her. She has to hide until Gurvinder sleeps. Meanwhile, Maheshwari is spending time with the guests. Her leg got sprained. Parineet helps her to free herself from her pain. She leaves from there to give medicine to Gurvinder. Maheshwari praises Parineet in front of Neeti for taking good care of Bajwa’s family. Neeti feels jealous.

Bebe tries to escape from the room but Gurvinder wakes up hearing the sound. She hid again. Parineet comes there and gives medicine to her. Bebe keeps a close watch on her. Parineet asks Gurvinder to call her if she needs anything. Bebe thinks that she was doing all this to his daughter-in-law for Parineet. She will kick her out of the house using her friend. Meanwhile, Parineet asks Chandrika not to turn off the gas. She shares tips with her.

Sanju comes there. Chandrika mistakenly drops the oil. Sanju slips, Parineet holds him to prevent him from falling down. Neeti notices them. Sanju asks her to help him. She helps him and says that he has to be careful. Sanju asks Neeti to give the towel. She slips on Sanju while helping him. Both recall their special moments. She tries to ignore him after recalling his closeness with Parineet.

Episode end

Precap; Neeti will share with Bebe that Parineet snatched Sanju from her. She doesn’t want to see her face either. Bebe will check Gurvinder and inform everyone that Gurvinder isn’t breathing. Neeti will accuse Parineet of Gurvinder’s state.

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