Parineetii 21st July 2022 Written Update: Parineet is in dilemma


Parineetii 21st July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet asks Driver to stop the car in temple. She goes inside the temple. Rajeev stops the car there Parineet notices him there along with a girl. She doubts whose that girl? She asks Driver to follow Rajeev’s car but car not starting. Parineet thank God for helping her to find out the truth. He follows the car. Later Mishika comes to Balwinder room to talk with him. He scolds her for disturbing his nap. He warns her to don’t show his face to him. Monty notices her and enquires her what happened? Mishika narrates to him what happened. He consoles her and send from there.

Monty says to Balwinder it’s unfair to treat that child in this way. Rajeev will get angry on him if he come to know it. Balwinder lashes out at him for taking her matter. Meanwhile Mishika shares her grief to that doll. She says that every kids parents visits them in hostel but not hers. She prays God to give a good parents like Parineet and Rajeev to her. All are hating her except them. Monty gives chocolate to her.

Simi shares to Monty thar it’s not orphanage to let everyone inside. Monty asks her to adjust for few days she will go back to hostel. What’s the need to show this much hate to that child. Simi says that whenever she see her past incidents coming to her mind. Later Rajeev and Neeti reaches to hotel. Neeti shares her happiness with him. Parineet too reaches there on time. She notices Rajeev forward his hand to help that girl outside. Parineet thinks that she might find out whose that girl today.

Meanwhile Rajeev asks Neeti how is his choice? She praises it and thank him for this beautiful surprise. She shares to him that she fears someone’s eyes on their happiness. Rajeev says that she is independent and modern that’s what he likes more in her. He gives rose to her. Parineet keeps staring them. Her relative pulls her aside and asks her why is she here? Is she came here along with Rajeev. Parineet asks her Is she see him anywhere? She lies to her that she lost her way to reach him. She points to Parineet he is there but someone is there with him.

Parineet stops her relative from going near them and she walks way. Lights turns to off there Rajeev and Neeti enjoys the dance programme there. Parineet gets hurt to see it and tries to check that girl face. Everyone claps for his performance. Server asks Parineet to take seat. Vicky narrates to them what’s real love. Parineet’s relative and her husband argues like kids. Vicky explains the rules of game. Neeti says to Rajeev that they wanna win this game at any cost. He nods with her. Neeti pulls his cheek in loving way which hurts Parineet.

Episode end

Precap; Rajeev will notice Parineet there and ask her what’s she doing here? Is she following him? Is she spy him? Parineet will ask him what’s he doing here? Isn’t it couples restaurant?couples festival going on here what’s he doing here?

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