Parineetii 21st June 2022 Written Update: Rajeev helps Neeti


Parineetii 21st June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet, she advised to Rajeev that he will feel better if he take rest properly. Tomorrow his all problems will be vanish. Rajeev thinks that he gonna betray her tomorrow so please forgive him. Later Neeti reminds how did her mom behaved strangely and tried to share something with her but she didn’t said anything. She doubts what’s bothering her?

Later Parineet makes bed for Rajeev and asks him to sleep. Neeti calls to Rajeev but he hesitates to attend it near Parineet. When she leaves he attend the call and ask her what’s the matter? She shares to him that something bothering her mom but she doesn’t know what’s it? Rajeev reminds Sukhwinder’s words and consoles her that she talked like that it stress.

 Neeti gets surprise to hear that Sukhwinder shared her grief with him. She feels happy to see them close. Parineet brings milk for Rajeev and asks him to drink it. If he drink it he will get a good sleep. He thank her and feels guilty for betraying her.

Gurpreet tries to call Parineet but didn’t get the connection. She informs it with her family. Gurpreet doubts how will she inform Parineet that they are gonna attend the marriage.  Mandeep shares to Vicky that she wanna see Neeti’s would be. Later Parineet checking the wedding arrangements. Rajeev comes there Sukhwinder asks him to get ready asap for marriage. Both fails to see each other.

 Meanwhile Gurpreet family reaches to Chandigarh. Gurpreet shares to Harman  how did thief snatched Sukhwinder purse from Railway Station. Sanju saved her purse just then taxi comes there they leaves in it. Neeti is pretty confused what to wear. She is nervous for getting late. She reminds how did Rajeev described about their marriage and promised her to help in wedding day. He comes there and helps her to get ready. Meanwhile Parineet gets happy to see the arrangements and shares her happiness to Sukhwinder.

Sukhwinder praises that both best friends got an amazing husband and wish their friendship shouldn’t break. Later Harman talking with Mandeep. Vicky asks the taxi driver what happened to his face? He reminds how did Parineet and Neeti beaten him and wishes to give back to them. Later Relative scolds Rajeev for meeting bride before marriage. She narrates to them its an bad omen. She explains the reason behind those rituals to them.

Rajeev convinces that relative it’s all old tradition she shouldn’t trust this all. Parineet comes to that side but fails to meet them receiving a phone call. She leaves to attend the call. Relatives scared them that they shouldn’t meet like this. Rajeev leaves from there. Neeti prays nothing should go wrong here.

 Parineet and Rajeev comes opposite to each other but fails to see each other. Relative asks Rajeev to remind what did she said to him. He nods to her. Parineet comes there and notices Neeti is in devastated state. Neeti informs her that someone scared her she shouldn’t meet groom before marriage. She asks her to say is it true? Parineet consoles her nothing will go wrong.

Episode end

Precap; Priest will ask Rajeev to forward his hand. Neeti will search for Parineet and ask them where is she? She won’t marry without her. Rajeev will get shock to see Parineet with Neeti and doubt how come they know each other

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