Parineetii 21st November 2022 Written Update: Parminder warns Gurinder


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The episode starts with Parminder saying to Gurinder that she is well aware of her. Whatever she tries to send Parineet out of this house, it won’t happen. She is always watching her. Gurinder asks her why she should trouble Parineet? She thought that Parineet was provoking her against her. Because she used to treat her like her own sister before. After Parineet came here she treated her like an enemy. Parminder tells her that she is doing it all for the property, right? Gurinder tells her that she isn’t behind Parineet but she is behind her son. Doesn’t she make everyone go against him? As a mom, how would she see everyone scolding her son? Her heart was breaking. Parminder asks her to think about Rajeev’s deeds. She lashes out at her for supporting his mistake. Gurinder asks her, is she trying to say let him die? As a mom, how would she see him in such a situation? Wouldn’t she support her son in such a situation? Pariminder asks her to stop her drama. She just wanted to save Parineet from her. Gurinder says to her she doesn’t like her act, it seems. Let’s reveal the truth to Biji then? Parminder asks her. Does she blackmail her? Gurinder says that she is showing a way to solve this issue. Parminder thinks that something is going on in Gurinder’s mind. She won’t sit quiet. Gurinder will definitely do something to ruin Parineet’s name.

Parineet cooking in the kitchen. She prays that everyone might like the food. Chandrika comes there and tells her it smells delicious. She asks her to give her a little to taste. Parineet adds that they are not allowed to eat it till the end of the pooja. If Biji see it, they are over. Chandrika tells her to let’s take leave and go out for a girls’ trip. Parineet says to her that she wants to take care of Neeti this time. Chandrika was disappointed to hear her name. Parineet says to her that she starts to like her after she opens up with her. She asks her to stop thinking about her and start thinking about Neeti. She will get along with her. Chandrika says that no one is going to replace her here. Chandrika tells her that Biji gave her work. She wants to do it. She leaves from there.

Neeti comes there and says to Parineet that the cooking smells delicious. Parineet shares with her that she doubts whether they like it or not! Neeti assures her that everyone will say her name after eating this. Parineet tells her that she wants to see everyone saying Neeti’s name. Neeti asks her to go and get ready. She will help her to arrange it. Parineet says that she wanted to finish it. Neeti sends her from there and garnish the side dish. Neeti thinks that she is learning to cook asap. She is already an air hostess. She is proud of herself. Rajeev comes there and tells her he is also proud of her. Neeti ignores him there. Rajeev offers help to Neeti to get flour. Neeti ignores him. He complaints that she is ignoring him a lot. Rajeev slips and flour falls on him. Neeti laughs at him seeing his state.

Neeti is helping him to wipe the flour from his face. Biji comes there and scolds them for sitting close. Rajeev narrates the situation to her. Biji scolds Neeti and complaints that she is an outsider. That is why she isn’t saying anything to her. Rajeev assures her to clean it. Biji slips down and flour sticks on her face. Biji scolds her and leaves. The priest asks Chandrika to take Prasad. She informs him that Parineet has already arranged everything for Pooja. Her father-in-law says that they shouldn’t worry about anything when Parineet is there. Chandrika and her father-in-law misunderstand a ghost approaching them, seeing Biji. Biji scolds them and demands them to clean the kitchen. She collides with Gurinder. She demands her to send Neeti out of the kitchen. Later, Rajeev narrates the situation to Gurinder and blames Neeti. Gurinder asks them to leave from there. She will clean it.

Rajeev asks Monty what he planned with Babli to stop Neeti from attending this pooja. Monty tells him that he will talk with her after he gets ready. Rajeev complaints that he doesn’t understand his problems at all. He is single. That is why he doesn’t understand the married man’s problem. Rajeev pleads with him to help him solve this issue. Later, Neeti asks Rajeev to help her tie the knot. He denied it, reasoning he will be late to attend the pooja. Doesn’t she remember what happened a few minutes ago in the kitchen? If he doesn’t attend the pooja on time, Biji will take class to him. Neeti complaints that she wants to sit in the pooja with him. Rajeev tells her that both Parminder and Uncle will sit in the pooja. Neeti was adamant to sit in the pooja. Rajeev and Neeti spend a romantic time with each other.

Episode end

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