Parineetii 22nd February 2022 Written Update: Neeti exposed the marital status of Rakesh and Madhuri


Parineetii 22nd February 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with meet me comes to the marriage functions of Pari and stops the rituals. She says she will not let him marry this horrible person as she will never be happy with him and being her best friend she has every right to choose a perfect life partner for her and Rakesh is not her choice. Neeti is trying to make everyone believe that Rakesh is a bad choice and he will be a bad call for Pari if they go ahead with this marriage. However, Rakesh is trying to divert the whole topic and tries to throw Neeti out of the marriage venue and says to her that today I will get married to party and from today onwards your friendship with Pari is over.

Pari and Neeti are looking at each other while remembering their moments and Neeti thinks in her mind, let me see if you can sacrifice so much for your family then what you can do for your best friend. Pari asks Rakesh not to create any problem for Neeti as she is like her sister and maybe they can be two different people but they are connected by soul and heart with each other. Rakesh says to Pari that if you want your friend to be present here then please ask her not to create any problem in the marriage rituals. Pari requested Neeti not to create any scene in the marriage functions but Neeti says that she cannot let her ruin her life like this.

Neeti says to Rakesh that she will show him his real place and will reveal his real truth in front of all. Rakesh is on the other hand tries to put the entire blame on Neeti by saying that she is trying to stop this marriage because she is jealous of her friend and she doesn’t want her to get married to him because she herself wants to marry Rakesh and she also wants to get physical with him as well earlier too but he never paid attention to her. Neeti says you can make good stories but even a nursery kid can write better stories than him and then she calls Madhuri inside after getting the notification of a message in her phone.

She says to all that Rakesh is already married to Madhuri who is also the daughter of an MLA and she is now pregnant with his child but he dumped her and is now trying to get married to party so that he can ruin her life as well. Rakesh does so much drama to claim he is innocent and threatens Madhuri that he will kill her kid but Neeti shows everyone the marriage video of Rakesh and Madhuri and requests Madhuri to speak up. She said finally in front of all that she is his wife and they are not divorced and she is also pregnant with his child. She also told everyone about him blackmailing her with the kid’s safety. MLA tries to pressure the family of Pari that if they don’t let the marriage happen then Vikram will go back into jail again.

Precap – Neeti threatened the MLA that she will viral the video of him blackmailing them in the name of MLA. Rakesh vows to ruin the lives of Neeti and Pari.

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