Parineetii 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Rajeev fears getting caught


Parineetii 22nd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vicky narrates the rules of the game. Each one wanna writes down what’s more important in love? Parineet writes that trust is very important in love. When trust breaking life too. Neeti writes love is important in love. Rajeev writes what Parineet wrote. Meanwhile Mandeep and Sukhwinder are praying to God. Lamps blow off in breeze Sukhwinder feels apprehensive. Later Vicky collects the first question answer of all couples. He leads to second question to them. Will they apologized to their partner after they argues with each other. Neeti goes with no apologies.

Parineet thinks that it’s necessary to apologize whether it’s a small mistake or not? Rajeev thinks that if he don’t apologize then their life will have no trust. Third question is about what will they do when their partners cheating them? Neeti writes that that partner should be punished. Rajeev thinks that we shouldn’t forgive them but fulfill their wish. Parineet writes the same. Meanwhile Neeti gets a phone call from airline. She gets irritate and goes to attend it.

Sukhwinder shares to Gurinder how did Sanju refused to marry Neeti. She fears something will happen between Sanju and Neeti’s life. Gurinder prays for their life. She assures her that God will definitely bless them. Later power comes there Parineet searches for the girl there but Kavitha stops her from following Rajeev. Kavitha shares to her about her life experience. Servant asks Parineet to give her answers. She didn’t write her name not to get caught.

Vicky announces there who is winner couple there? Kavitha tells her that she will win in this task. She tells her that their bond will get well herefter. Security didn’t allow Neeti to go inside without receipt. She needs to prove that she booked table here. Meanwhile Rajeev notices Parineet there she doubts what’s she doing here? If he get caught them his life with Neeti will be over. Later he goes to invite Neeti there. He lies to her that he wanna go back to home. Neeti forces him attend the game. Parineet leaves to attend the call of her mom. Vicky announces Neeti, Rajeev and Parineet as the winners.

Neeti calls Rajeev to go to stage but he denies it reasoning he has stage fear. Rajeev notices Parineet there and asks her what’s she doing here? Meanwhile Chandrika brings food for Mishika. She wakes up expecting Parineet there. Chandrika assures her that Parineet will return home when she finishes the food. She refuses to eat food till she come back. Chandrika tries to convince her but she is pretty adamant in her decision. She asks her what will she do after she go back to hostel? She tells her that she wanna stay here. Chandrika somehow manages to convince her. Later Rajeev asks her why did she here? Is she following him or spying him? Parineet thinks that he is trying to send her from here to hide his mistakes. Parineeti informs to him that she is here to buy Mishika’s favorite sweets.
Parineet asks him what’s he doing here? It’s couples restaurant right?

Episode end

Precap; Vicky will welcome both Parineet and Rajeev on stage. He will announce them as best couple there. Parineet will tell him that it’s so nice they are receiving best couple award but he didn’t attend it with her at all. Rajeev will get shock to see Neeti coming opposite to him.

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