Parineetii 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Monty advises Rajeev


Parineetii 22nd September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tai ji worrying about Parineet. Her husband consoles her that nothing will happen to her. She complaints to him that Parineet’s dhuppatta was there but not her. She adds that she won’t forgive him if something happened to her. She feels ashamed of her upbringing. Her husband consoles her ask her to eat something. She refused to eat seeing Gurinder there. She demands her to eat in her room or else she won’t eat. Rajeev thinks that she is showing her anger on him to Gurinder. Pappa leaves from there. Rajeev asks Gurinder to stop hating his mom for his mistake. Tai ji slaps him in anger. She lashes out at him. Gurinder gets frustrated and stops her. She argues with Tai ji for blaming Rajeev unnecessary. She accused Parineet for everything. She adds that Rajeev is grown up so stop treating him bad. He is her son. Tai ji asks her to have some shame. She might think Parineet as her daughter. She doesn’t care about her at all. She is not thinking about Parineet.

Gurinder asks Tai ji if she cares for Parineet why did she stayed quiet? Neither she stopped her from leaving nor convince her. She is creating a drama here instead of stopping her. She was witnessing her drama these many years. She never give heed to her but others. Doesn’t they listened to her these many years why don’t she hear them too? Doesn’t she supporting Parineet blindly? Why didn’t she stop her then? Tai ji shares with her that she wants her happiness. She would have stopped her if she get happiness here. Rajeev will give wife rights to her. When they are mistake here they have no rights to raise their voice against them. Rajeev betrayed her by marrying her friend Neeti. Both were getting into in an arguments. Rajeev gets disappointed hearing their argument. Gurinder blames Tai ji for treated her badly these many years.

Simi stops Rajeev from leaving and questions him? He lies to her that he wants to talk with his boss. Simi questions him, doesn’t he, Neeti? He is good at lying. Rajeev manages the situation there and contacts Nurse to inquire about Neeti’s condition. The nurse informs to him that Neeti is getting a panic attack. She wishes to meet Parineet. She reveals to him that Parineet came to meet her and left early. She asked him to stay with Neeti in this condition. He doubts which condition? He thinks that she may have been mentioned in the accident. Rajeev was about to leave but Amith stopped him. He complaints to him that it’s all happening because of him. Rajeev leaves from there.

Monty noticed him and followed him behind. He inquires him where he is going? Rajeev shares with him that a nurse called him to inform him that Neeti had got a panic attack. She demands him to stay beside her. Monty let him leave. Rajeev asks him to manage the situation here, but he is adamant to accompany him. Later, Gurinder and Tai ji keep arguing over this issue. Tai ji gets tired of arguing with her. Gurinder complained that her husband would have supported her in this situation. He is not alive. That’s why everyone insulted her and Rajeev. She complaints that Rajeev is her son. That’s why they are treating him in this way. She wouldn’t have treated Simi and Monty in this way. Simi lashes out at her.

Rajeev shares with Monty that he wants to meet Neeti asap. She is waiting for him a lot. He failed to concentrate on her in the tension of searching for Parineet. Nurse shared with him that Neeti’s condition is not good. Monty advised to him to think about Parineet. Rajeev feels guilty thinking about his deeds.

Episode end

Precap; Rajeev will ask Nurse doesn’t she mentioned about one girl? The nurse will share with him that one girl committed suicide. Rajeev will get nervous hearing it. He scared to identify the dead body.

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